New music video ‘Swrang’ weaves magical aura of pure love!

A soothing love ballad Swrang, meaning Light, is out on YouTube now and will entice you not only with its melody but also with its mesmerisingly delightful visuals.

The first music video from North East India which was shot in Germany,France,Russia,Switzerland,Italy and India, Swrang offers a breath taking detour into the realm of the calm and the peace even while delving in the romance of life in its every essence. The beauty of the words strung into the song plays on your mind even as you lose yourself in the haze of the aesthetics of the idyllic settings.

With lyrics and composition by the singer Biraj Mushahary, the song is every inch a mystical delight, obviously in the feel it encompasses and delivers but also in the visual detailings it encompasses. Cinematographer Vishal P. Chaliha delights with his stunning picturisation of the beautiful locales and perhaps endows even more romance and dreaminess in every inch of the frame. Even as the director and editor, Chaliha aces the show with his vision as he succeeds in perfectly bringing forth the musings of a love struck heart to the fore. It may be mentioned here that Chaliha was also the director of the movie Sabdhan, the only documentary to represent India at the prestigious Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival in Germany in 2017.