Pewdiepie’s latest take on Twitter War with Ekta Kapoor

The Twitter spat between reality queen Ekta Kapoor and Swedish YouTuber Pewdiepie might not stop anytime soon!

With a series of verbal attacks and counterattacks, both the parties involved have generated hilarious doses of entertainment for netizens.

And in the latest such video put up on Youtube, Pewdiepie lashed out at not just the Kapoor scion but poked fun at Indian people as well.

While obviously mocking Ekta over her dramatic soaps, the Swed also incorporated funny Indian memes and Photoshops with hilarious after bashings.

Titled “She’s angry because I made fun of her”, the video rounded off in an epic way with Pewdiepie urging people not to be like Ekta Kapoor and go on a Twitter rant when it’s completely unrelated to them!