Rihanna’s bossy class on makeup artist Priscilla Ono’s luggage debacle

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If you thought Rihanna is just about the fame and glam, you may not be completely right!

And we are not saying this because she aced the September issue of Vogue even while being experimental with those super thin eyebrows that has by now sent the fashion world into a tizzy.

There are facets to Rihanna other than her star prowess and power.

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And the hitmaker proved what it actually means to actually boss about without being overpowering.

Celebrity make up artist Priscilla Ono had somewhat of a nightmare recently as she lost both of her kit luggage on board a flight, with her life time of work implements locked in them.

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And while the obviously distraught make up artist tried contacting the airline’s customer service for assistance, she was left in the dumps as after an agonisingly long 40 minute wait, the call was cut off.

Priscilla meanwhile reached out to her fans and people on social media, urging them to tag KLM airlines and herself in pleads to restore her lost luggage.

Make up artists, fashion bloggers and influencers all over the world reached out to the Dutch airline in response to Priscilla’s cry for help.

Prominent singer Rihanna also followed suit and politely let the airlines know about the misplacement, while also demanding to know the circumstances leading to the situation.

Incidentally, it was Rihanna who had initiated Priscilla into the position of Global Makeup Artists for Fenty Beauty, after being impressed by Ono’s fabulous endeavors with make up and stuff.

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And even though the issue was solved and the make up artiste got her bags back even before Rihanna had reached out to the authorities, the superstar’s prompt action in what was her ’employee’s hour of ordeal in a manner as convincing as empathetic once again proves her ultimate bossing skills!

More power to Rihanna!