Infinity War gears up for a mega sequel


Marvel Cinematic Universe has been enthralling fans with superhero offerings with its film series based on the Avengers, and with a latest release lined up for next year, the anticipation is forever building.

A galaxy of stars, a superhero premise and a universe of cinematic prowess based on generous application of graphics has been titillating fan’s expectations for more than a decade now. And the latest film in the franchisee, Avengers: Infinity War has been particularly well received by movie buffs and critics alike.

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With record smashing collections and jaw dropping twists and turns in its fold, Infinity War is now gearing up for a sequel. However, there has been speculations about whether all of those beloved superheroes will ‘make it through the film’, particularly after they had been done away with by Thanos’ finger snap!

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Fans are expectant and anticipatory, but the scenario wasn’t very different for the actors as well. The producers recently revealed that they had kept the characters in the dark about their possible departure or reinstatement in the franchisee.

It was needed as well, with the makers insisting that keeping the climax under covers was the most vital aspect that was explored thoroughly while planning out these final two offerings.

And now with the final film expected to be released on April 26 next year, Avengers is surely planning to cash in on all the hype and publicity leading its way to deliver yet another multi blockbuster as a parting token.