Singer Justin Bieber shows concern as ex Selena Gomez hospitalised after panic attack

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Instagram’s most followed celebrity Selena Gomez have had a major health scare recently, owing to which she is currently undergoing treatment.

The 26 year old singer and social media star has been in the news for her ailing concerns since quite some time as she has suffered from lupus and has undergone a kidney transplant in the past.

And now the singing sensation is reportedly seeking medical support after having an emotional breakdown, that has left her broken and shattered.

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And while Gomez has the full support of her friends and family as she tries to overcome her stress and anxiety, her ex boyfriend and fellow singer Justin Bieber has been quite emotional about the situation. Bieber, who will soon be tying the knot with fiance Hailey Baldwin, was seen heading to a church to pray for Selena’s well being.

Bieber was also seen crying as his friends comforted him while on his way to church. Justin and Selena has a long history together, and the duo have continued to be vocal about their concern and support for each other even after and during their mostly tumultuous relationship.

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So it’s only obvious that Justin’s impending marriage and his relationship with model Baldwin has taken a toll on Selena and her mental status, though sources say that’s not the only trigger. Last month Selena announced that she would be going on a break off all social media platforms as an act of self care, which points to how too much of negativity and public opinion affects the sensitive person that she is.

And while sources reported that she would probably be facing depression and anxiety for the rest of her life, Gomez is trying all she can to put up a brave face and resolve all of her issues, that was freshly triggered by a panic attack.

Well, we only hope that the bubbly girl remains steadfast with her determination and recovers soon even as she has a host of blessings behind her. And that obviously includes her ex Bieber, who just welcomed a new baby half- sister.