Taiwan’s Hehuan mountains under review to be Asia’s first dark sky park


Hehuanshan (Hehuan Mountain) in central Taiwan might soon be the country’s first dark sky park as the best star gazing spot in Southeast Asia.

Source: Reddit

With advantages of a high elevation setting and low light pollution favoring the region’s claim to be a IDA (International Dark-Sky Association) certified dark sky park, officials from the association surveyed the environs of the luxurious mountains to find relevance of the region’s claim for the same.

Situated more than 3,000 meters above sea level governed by highly volatile weather changes, Hehuanshan is slated to be Asia’s only third dark sky park if all requirements are met by the must visit star gazing location.

Source: Taiwan News

Promoting the light prevention method to reduce the light damage to the mountain so that more living organisms can maintain the original work and rest and protect the natural ecology of area, the Hehuan Mountain is already a natural eco sensitive zone and with its recent claim to the status of a dark park might also be one of the major tourist attractions in Taiwan.