Tesla to employ ‘BlackHOLE’ to suck waste out of Ladakh


The ‘roof of the world’ may soon set roof high standards in waste management as well.

The picturesque landscape of Ladakh has been a favorite among tourists, but this favor with a wide majority of the exploring populace might not hold the local environment in as much a favorable position.

With growing human ventures into this land of the serene, the tranquil and the calm, Ladakh is fast degenerating into a trashy locale. And while this might sound all so normal and such, the intensity is not felt till you witness Ladakh’s unbelievably fragile ecosystem.

Source: Quartz

As a rough terrain, the ecosystem of Ladakh is very much sensitive to any external disturbance which means that reforming it to its original undisturbed state will require considerable attention. And cashing in on this requirement of a highly advanced waste cleansing system, innovation major Tesla has arrived at an invention which might very well be path breaking.

Tesla’s BlackHOLE would be ’employed’ to swallow a mountain of waste and trash, and further to convert this waste into ash. The advantage of this method being that it relies on plasma heat decomposition, which does not take recourse to the use of fuel or power.

Source: Tesla & SpaceX Trendolizer

Undeniably, BlackHOLE is touted as being a major breakthrough, one that is low on maintenance as well as high on effectiveness. Plus, the end product derived out of the waste decomposition can be further used for building roads and houses.

In all that the innovation called BlackHOLE is envisaged to encompass, Tesla does seem to be on the right path when it comes to setting its sight on a futuristic and ecologically viable world.