Twitter goes berserk as Ajay Devgn pulls off ‘out of the box’ prank!

ajay- kajol

Twitter never seems to be short on drama and banter these days!

Bolly actor Ajay Devgn apparently tried playing a prank on wife Kajol by revealing her Whatsapp number on the social media platform. But in an epic case of the shot getting missed was trolled brutally, with even Kajol ‘retaliating’ with an ‘angry’ tweet.

Twitter erupted soon after in concern regarding the actress’ privacy but till then the damage had already been done. Internet was flooded with hilarious memes mercilessly trolling the actor.

Kajol, as usual, was forthright in her reply to Mr Devgn’s tweet. And needless to say, the husband- wife duo was trending on Twitter all throughout!

Ajay, though, made it clear that the tweet was very much an intentional prank and the contact shared is apparently a dummy number.

Whatever that may be, the Devgns sure blessed us with an all new collection of memes and we can’t have been laughing any harder!