New album ‘YE’ by Kanye West – Review


A few days into rapper Kanye West’s new album YE’s unveiling, the singer has been showered with accolades and despite the controversy surrounding it, has been able to garner tremendous support.


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Ye focuses on the singer’s struggle with bipolar disorder, manifested in his all- encompassing life roles.

Discussing mental health problems at large, and specifically Kanye’s own situation, Ye obviously feels a lot more personal to the singer.

Kanye West
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The album cover shot by Kanye himself features a mountain landscape and a field with the words “I hate being bi- polar its awesome” scribbled over in bright green.

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Hugely his own, Kanye makes no secret about being frequented by suicidal thoughts and his realisation about needing to find help, while also touching up on his 2016 hospitalisation and the accompanying lawsuit.

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No wonder then that Ye has been well received in the music circuit by people connecting to the theme.