Zayn Malik’s latest Bollywood cover sounds so much like a pleasant surprise!

Zayn Malik
Source: BBC

Pop sensation Zayn Malik made a special offering for fans as he uploaded a Hindi cover of the Race 3 song Allah Duhai Hai.

Interspersing the cover with EDM beats, Zayn struck the chords right as he ‘elevates’ the popular number to an altogether different level. Fans have been pleasantly surprised with Malik’s latest rendezvous with Hindi songs, though there have been some who believe that he could have been better with his Hindi pronunciation.

Source: DNA India

Earlier, Zayn had also done covers of Hindi songs, ‘Allah ke Bande’ and Kailash Kher’s ‘Teri Deewani’, but he was massively trolled for the latter.  However, the scenario seems different this time around, with enthusiastic fans going gaga over Zayn’s rendition of the Salman Khan starrer number.