On Diwali eve 2019, Shah Rukh Khan’s epic rendezvous with David Letterman on Netflix’s My Guest Needs No Introduction set to crack you up!

david letterman-srk

It’s a stupendous weekend up on the cards for Indians this time! With Diwali vibes already setting in, the euphoria is understandably high. But there’s more to add to the zing of the firecrackers in the night sky. And who better than the undisputed Baadshah of Bollywood to mark the onset of the festive cracklings?!

With the David Letterman show My Guest Needs No Introduction, King Khan Shahrukh will be gracing the Friday night on Netflix. The promo trailer of the episode has already caught fancy of social media, with SRK’s charm and with winning over all even as host Letterman is seen with his usual effervescent yet calmed- down personality.

Himself a highly admired personality the world over, Letterman was visibly bowled over by the magnitude of SRK’S fame and the adulation he deservedly commanded. From witnessing the phenomenon that SRK is to remarking that the ovation for the Indian actor is the biggest ever on his show, Letterman seems to be as much in awe of our King Khan as any others.

It however isn’t only the stage antics on- camera that have been such fun for both the stars and their many legions of fans. Earlier this year, SRK took to Twitter to tweet a video of him and Letterman, when the latter was in India during the Eid celebrations and witnessed first hand the fan craze commanded by his guest-to-be.

The promo in itself is entertaining but even in its short duration, SRK managed to charm with his astute humour. From crediting his ever burgeoning fan base to the procreating ability of the Indians to claiming that he got into acting because he isn’t any better at a lot of other things, Shah Rukh proved why he is one of the most loved stars in the world.

SRK also revealed how he turns chef for his kids every now and then and how he wouldn’t mind furloughing each one of them if given a chance (pun intended obviously)!

Also featuring his wife Gauri Khan and kids and parts of his gorgeous house Mannat, SRK’s chat with David Letterman will go on air on October 25th.