Social Media, Relationships and More in Drake’s ‘Scorpion’


Canadian rapper Drake’s new album Scorpion released on Friday last.

And while the album is well on its way to smashing streaming records with its epic interpretation of the present day over dependence on technology and the web, Drake’s personal life also seems to find depiction in his latest offering.


Source: Tiny Mix Tapes

Drake reportedly confirmed having a son with one of the songs of his new album titled ‘This Kid is Mine’.



And not only that, one of his songs also touches about his ‘relationship’ with Bella Hadid.

“Finesse” from Scorpion seems to point to a yearning for a relationship with Hadid. “I want my baby to have your eyes/I’m going against my own advice/Should I do New York? I can’t decide/Fashion week is more your thing than mine,” he raps. “You and your sister/Too hot to handle,” he continues later in the song, in what many believe is an obvious reference to the supermodel sister duo.

bella hadid- drake
Source: Dailymotion


But Bella was quick to dismiss any speculations that had been doing the rounds on social media.