‘Sturdy’ iPhone7 discovered intact after 48 hours in the ocean


How enduring is your relationship? Sorry, I mean , your phone?

Enough to have stuck with you through thick and thin, dirt and water? Maybe, but not better than this iPhone, I bet.

At a time when devices are sensitive to even your slightest mishandling and manipulation, to discover a phone with its functionability and reservoir of power intact, all while embracing an ocean bed is nothing sort of a miracle.

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That’s exactly what transpired in reality when an iPhone submerged in water for a period of two whole days manged to sustain its ‘life’- and worth- even while resting among the deep confines of the water body.

The iPhone 7 that created ‘history’ with its water nestling exploits, was discovered by a scuba driver as an unusual marine memorabilia, as a glow from underneath the dark made the presence of the phone felt.

But what’s even more surprising than the durability of the phone is the service of the network provider. Coping up with limited network availability in even the ‘feasible’ areas, the fact that this particular service provider manages to spike into the depths of the ocean, to the extent of still receiving a text message, is one remarkable ability.

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With a charge percent of over 80 spanning over two days, the phone in question turned out to be one one Rob Smith’s cousin, who apparently dropped the phone while the two of them were kayaking out at Durdle Door in Dorset, England.

Scuba diver Cerys Hearsey made the discovery and managed to trace the owner following scrutiny of the phone. The device was ultimately collected by Smith and his wife, rounding out what happened to be a remarkable case of a sturdy digital device.