Swanky Ferrari reduced to ruins, as woman rams into barrier

You have to be insanely cool minded to know what this woman did, and not erupt in seething anger! Given that it involves a massively huge proportion of money and an even more humongously decorated luxury vehicle!

A Chinese woman turned her brand new Ferrari into a pile of rubble! And she did it so effortlessly, so perfectly, you cannot help but stare in open mouthed shock!

ferrari ruins
Source: Dailyhunt


The lady escaped unhurt but the same could not be said of her swanky but unfortunate vehicle that was just bought by her for a whopping £500,000 (Rs. 4.5 crores)!


ferrari ruins
Source: ibc24

And she whiled it all away. Just like that!

Camera footage showed the busy road where the woman suddenly swerves out of control and rams her new Ferrari straight into a metal traffic barrier destroying it in a matter of a few seconds.

If only she also had the skills, instead of just the bucks! Sigh!