Two hashtag movements are on the verge of rebuffing Zomato, Here’s what you need to know

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Communal hatred overtook the internet again with an attempt to spurn Zomato. Recently the hashtag of #boycottzomato has erupted Twitter on fire over the issue of delivering food via a Muslim Zomato rider.

As his profile read, a proud Hindu nationalist named Amit Shukla posted a series of Tweet with screenshots of Zomato chats.

Just cancelled an order on @ZomatoIN they allocated a non hindu rider for my food they said they can’t change rider and can’t refund on cancellation I said you can’t force me to take a delivery I don’t want don’t refund just cancel— पं अमित शुक्ल (@NaMo_SARKAAR) July 30, 2019

The religious conflict spread faster than wildfire on the internet after his posts. A new hashtag #IStandWithAmit secured the trading spot on Twitter supporting Amit Shukla and his religious sentimental values.

The wildfire was ignited further when Zomato responded to Shukla’s tweet.

Zomato’s response divided the internet users who are throwing the ideological differences at each other along with the movement. Many have also condemned the restaurant search and discovery service, Zomato for having double standards.

Following the movement, Twitteraties are boycotting Zomato for serving Halal and non- Halal food for Indians. This has led to hurting the religious sentiments of the major religious communities in India.

There are unbound hillarious tweets coming from the Twitteratis.

The Indian restaurant search and discovery service, Zomato operates in 24 countries in the present time. However,  the recent controversy may likely to affect the food app for many users has started boycotting app uninstalling it.

The communal conflict is not new to India. The religious sentiments his arguably the most common  outburst in the country which leads to a greater movement.