United Nations Asia and Pacific releases a video showcasing the resilience every woman embodies

mujhe haq hai

“Na waqt ne kaha rukne ko (Time did not tell me to stop)
Na kadmon ne kaha thamne ke liye (Neither did my feet)
Toh kyun ruk jaau main jab chalte jaana mujhe pasand hai (Then why should I stop when I love walking)
Is jameen pe mera bhi haq hai (This ground I walk on belongs to me)
Mujhpar mera hi haq hai” (I belong to me)

The lyrics are evocative, the tune soothing and the inner conflict that defines life in all walks for a woman tugs at your heart when you recognise the feel behind this powerful video that attempts to pay an ode to all those people of the ‘weaker sex’ as they continue to go on about their struggles, unabated and victorious.

As an attempt to inspire and motivate females from all age groups and all walks of life to live life at their own free will and conditions, the United Nations Asia and Pacific recently released a video that is a powerful representation of the strength and resilience every woman embodies.

mujhe haq hai
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women power
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With a bevy of women who are all stars in their own right starring in this moving tribute to women, the video has clicked the right chords everywhere, and is particularly trending on social media.

Gul Panag’s calming voice over instantly sets the tone for this 5 minute long video which celebrates women power, depicting personalities from different spheres of existence, who have risen above odds or simply defied typecasts to emerge as women of worth, as embodiment of hope and grit.

Former Miss World Aisharway Rai Bacchan opens up with one hugely inspirational picturisation in a gratifying display of compassion and support for fellow women, even as sports and television personalities, singers and actors, civil servants and social activists, businesswomen and entrepreneurs all team up together to encourage you to no ends with their spectacular exploits.

mujhe haq hai aishwarya rai
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Mujhe Haq Hain is all about making women realise their self worth and freedoms and rights in a world still dominated by men.

Celebrating the right of every women to nurture and pamper one’s own self even while struggling to make it big in their own chosen endeavor without having to explain their worth and life choices to anyone, the video makes for a compelling watch and is sure to create an uplifting sense of pride and confidence in the country.

We just hope this wave is here to stay. Kudos!