100th birth anniversary of Sarabhai, remembering the father of ISRO

Vikram A Sarabhai 100th birth anniversary

Indian Space Reseach Organisation (ISRO) needs no introduction today. The 50 years of history of the organisation has marked a significant place in world space research. Today, India is being counted in the list of a few countries conducting deep space research.

Today, it is the responsibility of every Indian to celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of the father of ISRO, Dr. Vikram A Sarabhai. Google doodle paying homage to the visionary is commendable. His vision of Indian space research led to our first satellite, Aryabhata being put in orbit in 1975 from a Russian cosmodrome.

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ISRO’s recent big achievement of the successful launch of Chanrayaan-2 also recognised his legacy by naming the lander of the spacecraft ‘Vikram’ in his tribute.

Sarabhai’s legacy is not restricted within the boundary of a space scientist or a physicist. The award-winning visionary is also known as an innovator and an industrialist.

Born on 12th August 1919, Sarabhai left the footmark of his legacy and bricked the foundation of the Indian Space Reseach pioneering the Indian deep space research programme.

The Legacy of Sarabhai:

The Indian Space Research Organization’s lead facility for launch vehicle development, The Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, (VSSC) located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, is named in his memory. The International Astronomical Union named a lunar crater, Bessel A, in the Sea of Serenity as the Sarabhai crater in the year of 1973.

Serving in many distinguished positions like, President of the Physics section, Indian Science Congress in 1962, as Vice-President of Fourth UN Conference on Peaceful uses of Atomic Energy in 1971 and as a Chairman of Space Application Centre which was founded by Sarabhai himself.

Apart from his innovative research and development in science, he was deeply engaged in Art and other crafts as well. He along with his wife Mrinalini Sarabhai founded the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts.

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