Web series on Sunny Leone- the trailer is out and is darn engaging

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Bollywood sensation Sunny Leone will soon come to ‘life’ in a web series with a biopic titled “Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone”.

The trailer of the biopic was launched recently and features the heart touching story of a young girl’s struggles in life that eventually led her on a journey that brought her to the vortex of a world which the society considers as obscene.


sunny- leone
Source: NewsX

Opening with Leone in an interview that deals on the circumstances of her life and the unexpected journey, the trailer is poignantly evocative in not only the pathos faced by a child from a world that has been indifferent to her woes, but also the backlash she received in her path that she had to opt for reasons other than her ‘desires’.

As the despair faced by a young girl bullied for her looks while at school to being bugged by the financial concerns of her family, Sunny’s life has not been less than any melodramatic retelling itself. And the fact that she chose to help her parents out in spite of the whipping she would face from the world at large, just points to her resilience as she transforms herself into one strong woman.

The motion picture of the web series released some time back had also done enough to generate interest in the minds of viewers.

A Zee5 Original venture, Karenjit Kaur is set to go on air from July 16 in what is apparently going to be a bare it all of ironically one of the much loved yet rebuked stars of Bollywood.

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