The Other Side Of Life – Unfiltered And Un-Instagrammed

Stories Apne Apne by Raj Deepali Pandey

We often laugh when some kids say that they want to become like us as an adult. We laugh at their naivety, innocence, we feel pity for their ignorance about us. Why? Because we think we are broken beyond repair, and we don’t wish the same fate to those little ones. But who is the person who is not shattered in life? May be the little kid who aspires to be like us saw the way we carried our broken parts together so gracefully and confidently.

We all have experienced tragedies in our lives, under performed at work, failed in love, cried over heartbreaks, lost a dear one to death. We all have been body shamed, for being too fat or too thin, for being too dark or even too fair, for wearing no makeup or wearing too much of makeup. But that doesn’t stop us from grooming as per our choice and going out.

We all have our bad days at work, where we are called incompetent by our bosses, where we lose our incentives to some other colleague. But that doesn’t mean we are losers and we can’t work hard. We all think that we bring disappointments to our parents, but does that even stop us from chasing our dreams and striving to make them proud? Your newsfeed will always be full of happy moments from your friends’ lives, which they have filtered out very carefully from their struggling lives and displayed on Instagram to the world.

The office pictures, party pictures, pictures with the beloved, mirror selfies in dresses depicting sartorial elegance and a well maintained voluptuous body, pictures of exotic vacations and destination weddings, all these shots make us believe that we are lagging behind in our lives. We wish to exchange our lives with one of them, without even knowing about the darkest parts of their lives.

The partying folks must be the loneliest ones even in the crowd of so-called friends, the happy-looking bride wearing a designer bridal outfit must have been forced on the altar, the partners giving relationship goals must be thinking that it’s not working between them. Just embrace your own happiness and struggles and be yourself.

If you love the taste of the coffee from the roadside shop just go and savour it. Don’t pay five times more at a hyped barista for a mediocre coffee whose name you cannot even pronounce, just because you can get better pictures of your beverage for your Instagram stories.

It’s okay to have an unpopular opinion about something which may not go down well with your own circle of friends, for instance, it’s fine if you hate cheesecakes, it’s fine if you hate cheese burst pizza but love pineapple toppings on it, and it’s completely normal if you like tomato ketchup in your maggi. Your taste buds should not be a slave to the likes and dislikes of the majority.

Befriend a person with a good heart who makes your life beautiful, rather than a person with a good DSLR camera who makes your Instagram worth stalking. If your beloved compliments you for your dress, don’t shy away from wearing it again just because there would be another picture of you in the same outfit on Instagram. Wear it again for another date to show him that you love to doll up for him and his choice matters. Wear it again against the popular notion that “women don’t repeat their dresses” because all of us are not affluent enough to afford a one- time use wardrobe. Wear it again because you love that colour, or it is a gift from someone special. Even if you don’t have a reason, just wear it anyway.

There is already a lot of pressure and stress in life, don’t let your Instagram add to it. At the end of the day, after all the glitz and glam, all we want is comfort and not the chaos. We return homes to slip back in our worn-out comfy and loose pyjamas after suffocating our skin in those tight jeans for the whole day. The grass is always greener on the other side. And the life is aesthetic and people are happier on Instagram.