A Foldable iPhone – What next????

iPhone 2020
Source: YouTube

With smartphone brands announcing the advent of folding cellphones, can Apple be left behind? Nay…a revision patent for a folding iPhone has been filed and the blueprints to this patent has been leaked online. 

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folding-iphone blueprint
Source: 9to5Mac

This leak shows the structural orientation…hinge, screen  and all designed by a Dutch industrial designer Roy Gilsing. An online video showcased as a “wild concept video” of the folding iPhone is also doing the rounds on the net.

Reports also state that the research for the foldable iPhone has been started by LG and Apple way back in 2016, however these reports are totally unconfirmed. Whatever maybe the case the new patent designs seen on the net seems more real and near completion, raising hopes for an iPhone with a radical change in its design…probably a gizmo which is a perfect combo of the iPhone and the iPad!!!

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iphone foldable
Source: Forbes

Foldable iPhones will certainly be a reality but not so soon, an industry insider claims that it may be out on the shelves by 2021.