Anti-Virus Software: Why You Need It


When the internet gained popularity, it marked the end of a dark era. It meant that we could share and get information quickly, but a few demerits came alongside these benefits. While we enjoy unrestricted access to information, resources, and instant connections, there’s also a risk of intrusion – courtesy of the various online sites we visit.

Light as this matter may look, it is never laughable when your system is infiltrated, especially when you have to pay a ransom to secure your data or regain control of your system. If you haven’t installed an antivirus already, here are the top reasons why you should consider doing so. But before we dive into that, what antivirus options are there to keep you protected online?

Best Antivirus

If you have an internet connection that gives you access to the World Wide Web, you are at a risk of cyber attacks. To secure your devices from unexpected attacks, you should invest in one of the following antivirus software.

  • Avira – You get a password manager, a full machine cleaner, and a top-notch security optimiser with this antivirus.
  • Kaspersky – It comes in desktop and mobile variations. Users also have access to a password manager.
  • Malwarebytes – It provides end point protection, virus detection, and response for both personal devices and servers.
  • Bitdefender – Server protection, threat analysis, email security, and a firewall are all part of the package you will enjoy with this antivirus.

Online protection

Malicious websites, phishing activities, and spam are the top intrusive methods that hackers use to infiltrate your devices. An antivirus helps detect these attacks right before they take root in your server.

Identity theft protection

Checking out is the most crucial step of shopping, unfortunately, it is also the riskiest. Hackers can effortlessly steal your information especially when you shop on unsecured sites.  An antivirus helps you detect identity theft attempts, and complete the recovery process in case of any successful theft. Online businesses heavily rely on strong security features to secure client’s data when they procure online payments. For major online retailers like Amazon and eBay, to smaller retailers, service providers and even online casinos: these security features are essential in order to acquire and retain customers’ trust. For instance, Leo Vegas India is one of the most highly reputable casinos that values security. In fact, it has managed to become popular and trustworthy because of the features that it offers, one of which is security. These online businesses have shown that through implementing the right security measures, people can do everything online safely and with great peace of mind.

Deleting the virus and cleaning the machine

Once a virus is detected, the antivirus creates a security wall around it, and then erases it from your system. As a result, the antivirus stops the malware from spreading and keeps your data safe and your machine in pristine condition. Deleting the virus, on the other hand, ensures that it does not re-infect the system.

Provides a firewall

A firewall is a barrier between the computer or server and the internet. The work of a firewall is to block unwanted traffic from accessing your machine. It also assesses networks before granting any data, entry to your device

Removable device protection

While online attacks are prominent, removable devices can also be used to sneak in malware and spyware. When you install antivirus software, it will detect any unusual data and activity in a USB or micro SD card. In such cases, the antivirus will clean up the hardware, thereby erasing all content in it. Consequently, it leaves your machine safe and restores the removable drive to its initial performance status.

Restores your machine’s productivity

Viruses are synonymous with slowing down machines, an action that can make your pace at work slow down. In case you get an antivirus after the PC or mobile device has already been attacked, the software should clean it up, making it perform better.