Apple’s upcoming event on September 10th is up for a bag full of amazing surprises

apple september event by innovation only

It has been nothing less of a tradition for the tech world’s most iconic name Apple Inc to go religiously about its September event, announcing newest launches and generating anticipation leading to the ultimate big event. Commencing in 2006 and becoming an annual Apple fixture since 2012, this year’s edition of the event is slated for a grand showdown on the coming 10th of September.

This is Apple’s widely awaited fall event, rumours and speculations of which starts doing the round well before the actual dates are announced. Apple does indeed builds up on most of the hype surrounding the exclusive iPhone-centric event that is expected to reveal a trio of iPhones, a new Apple Watch, and possibly new iPads or a MacBook Pro in 2019.

Apple has already sent out media invites for the event due in just 10 days from now, but formal invitations aren’t the only way for you to get out and about with the latest announcements. With Apple typically live streaming its events, either on its website or via the Apple Events channel on its TV set top box and also possibly through other mediums, witnessing the latest Apple launches up and close has never been a problem. And the 2019 event is expected to be no different with the spectacle set to be unfolding at the Steve Jobs Theater on its Cupertino, California, campus on September 10.

The ‘By Innovation Only’ event starts at 1 p.m ET/ 10 a.m. PT and is widely anticipated to catch the first glimpse of the potential unveiling of the iPhone 11. And that’s not even all we are up for witnessing. There’s also speculation about the launch of a trio of iPhones, a new Apple Watch, and possibly new iPads or a MacBook Pro along with updates on iOS 13, Apple Watch, Apple TV+ and Arcade, and much more.

The colorful and glossy, sliced Apple logo once again dominating the invites has also fueled speculation that Apple might be up for sporting its iconic rainbow logo once again, but even for all the similarities, the logo still misses out on its red and orange strips.

iPhone 11 lineup

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Continuing with the tradition of revamping its flagship iPhone offerings in its yearly fall window, 2019’s major upgrade feature is expected to go along the lines of the trio release as witnessed last year. Expecting to be available in LCD screen options and two higher priced variants that will be sporting OLED screen, the newer offerings will likely come with a new three- lens rear camera system that’s a clear lift from 2018’s two lens system. However the three- lens, ultra wide angle will be restricted to the pricey models and the less expensive ones will be having the dual lens setup.

The new announcement, touted to be named the iPhone 11 will likely also be a trio offering as had been the case with 2018’s iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, tentatively interpreted as the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The two OLED models will likely be available in sizes of 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches while the lower priced LED display is a 6.1 inch in size more pricey variants in this line up is also expected to sport frosted glass.

A new matte finish for the iPhones would be introduced that will also have an improved face ID but without the 3D touch feature that was a reality only with and since the iPhone XR. Colors might even be departing from the usual blue and corals to greens and purples. The 11 Pro will also be reportedly sporting an Apple Pencil support as one among the array of latest features that are expected to dot the latest launches.

Apple Watch anticipation

An Apple Watch Series 5 is also expected to make the breakthrough in the upcoming event. However, in case it is the Series 4 that is rather sought to be kept, it will likely be with enhanced existing features. But anyway, newer models are expected to come in ceramic and titanium cases, with the ceramic model supposedly making a comeback after the Series 3.

MacBook Pro 16

Alongside phones and watches, Apple is also supposed to be launching an all-new, high- end 16-inch MacBook Pro against its earlier 15.4 inch version, while updating its existing non-Touch Bar 13-inch model. Narrower bezels and a redesigned keyboard might be favoured over the controversial butterfly switch for the newer Mac. But gong by its tradition of generally keeping the Mac launch in October, Apple sure can go the way earlier traversed this time around as well.

iPad revamps

Also in line could be a newer, revamped iPad Pro model that would feature camera systems as conceived for the iPhone 11. In 2019, Apple seems to be going for expansions. So even with the iPad, the same is expected to be a 10.2 inch size over the existing 9.7-inch models.

HomePods and AirPods

Other Apple products up that can equally be stirring interest are audio products like HomePods and AirPods. Apple is rumoured to have in plans the AirPods3 that will likely be waterproof and also offer noise cancellation. What’s more, these upgraded AirPods will also support wireless charging that will be further getting a boost due to the bilateral wireless charging feature available on the new iPhone lineup.

HomePods also will be likely sporting new features like multi-user support, music handoff, and radio streaming in an effort by Apple to further enhance the appeal of this smart speaker.

Software updates

While products will undoubtedly be the star at Apple’s big event, most notably the iPhone launch, system updates are another big expectation on the radar. Software updates are as attention seekers as itseyeballs grabbing devices, with iOS 13 expected to be released alongside macOS Catalina, watchOS 6, iPadOS, and tvOS 13 during the event. Also expected are further updates about two new subscription services rolled out by Arcade, namely gaming service Apple Arcade and video service Apple TV+, along with Apple’s exclusive credit card, the Apple Card.