Futuristic Technological Realities: The Ultimate Boon

Technology has been redefining human existence in ways that you could not have imagined earlier. And yet, constant research and innovation throws up such futuristic products that strive to make your life even easier. Below we list some exceptional technological marvels that has surely transformed the world for good!


The conventional desktop mouse gets a twist with this advancement in technology with a ‘pen’ to hold on to as you go about performing your tasks more effortlessly.


Sort all your worries of having to jot down all those fast paced lectures you encounter in the classroom with this amazing device which does exactly that for you by converting the speech to text, that you can later edit, translate and share.


The lid to fit over containers of any shape and size to minimise your storing worries and ensure a fuss free experience for an enhanced culinary journey.


Strato’s Linksquare is the device to scan your food to check for possible food poisoning possibilities, while also doing the task for virtually everything and anything else you want to put under the radar.


Go global with this handy device that eliminates your inability of cross language communication with its super translation skills.


Hassle free food is the need of the hour, not just because you might be having difficulty swallowing your food owing to some chronic condition but also because you would be constantly hard pressed for time in this highly technological world of today so much so that even here, it’s technology that ultimately comes to your rescue!