How Cloud Computing & Social Networking tools are Helping Schools & Education During the Covid-19 Surge

Social Networking tools and cloud computing in Education

Technology underwent a sea-change with the innovation of data storage hardware like pen drives, floppies and email servers. But while these channels boomed, the anywhere-anytime access was still limited. So, the tech experts thought of breathing life into the data storage sector and came up with a blend of web-based tools called Cloud computing and social networking. Today, when the entire world is hit by Covid-19; parents and teachers can breathe a sigh of relief.

Being far more convenient than the old-fashioned hard drives, these two aspects of technology propose a model of smart and safe sharing, storing and interconnectivity leaving behind the idea of your valuable data being locked in your tablets, PC or smartphone. In its simplest sense these are web-based carriers of content which is much more than mere storing and accessing of information. Let’s have a look at the tech support cloud computing and social networking websites offer to the academic world for an easy and convenient learning environment.

Unlimited storage

Cloud computing allows its users to have an unrestricted stock of information that can be accessed in a matter of seconds irrespective of distance and time.This means the teachers, students as well as parents can have access to more materials than what was available to them in the past in form of pen drives, floppies and even emails. Limited storage capacity has always remained a matter of concern with these tools. Even email servers used to throw back the attachments if they were extra heavy. But cloud based apps such as Dropbox or Google doc are adept at storing almost all types of content like academic papers, datasets, scientific analysis and eBooks regardless of its size limit. (Larger files can take several hours to upload, depending on your connection speed).This would help the students/parents to find and combine useful learning material and have enhanced learning without having to download or install the softwares.

Facilitates digital learning

Cloud computing allows smartphones, computers and other devices to communicate (like sharing files or photos) in a pre-defined and structured manner. This kind of interconnectivity has become an important component of an education delivery system.The cross-platform framework of cloud provides easy navigation to the learners and mentors. E-lectures, shared projects, web conferencing and online homeworks are a few of the services that expose students to a world outside the four-walled classrooms. Service areas like Box and OneDrive enable effortless sharing and transmission of ideas saving a lot of valuable time of students which otherwise was spent on copying lengthy notes, printing and distributing them.Hence, it has made teaching as well as learning a more simpler and interactive affair.


You can completely trust the cloud computing as well as social networking for your personal information being leaked or lost. Whether one is travelling or even switching mobile phones or laptops, the user is always safe in the cloud. Unlike your files in thumb drive or CD-ROM disk, here in cloud based apps you have numerous privacy policies. You can password-protect your individual files, set expiration dates and also restrict your files and folders to just read-only status.  So with the new data accessing mode, there is hardly any risk of losing your important material.The cloud apps automatically maintains your backup. For students, Box or google drive are few of the cloud-based storages that focus on high security.

High accessibility and exposure to the resources

Having to locate good teachers, colleges and fresh course materials are few difficulties that a student faces. No wonder there is huge data available on the web, but many times this is not accessible. However, the adoption of cloud computing and advanced network technologies by the administrators is hoped to relieve students from this burden. For instance, applicants and their parents can have their queries solved and have proper guidance from the staff during their admission process. Large number of students are fulfilling their requirements of crucial information, learning plans, degrees, status of application with specific colleges and registration. Students are also provided with a huge range of study materials based on CBSE or ICSE courseware and books on the cloud platform. With cloud, students can have access to thevideos of teachers teaching particular subjects. So, whether you are an administrator, a teacher, a student, or a parent, your academic worries are just a click away.

Rich and interactive multimedia applications

The space-efficient cloud provides loads of extra information in form of feedback, fee structures, curriculum, payment modes, reviews, tests and much more. For instance, seeing the financial need of bright but underprivileged students is extremely important for any successful institution to encourage them. So based on cloud skills, the authorities try to provide much more to the students from their end. From financial calculators, sample papers, links directing for loans and scholarship opportunities; they deliver specific information about their area of focus. With all the right combination of information on their screens, students can then become good decision-makers.

High-quality education

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Quality education and preparing students for the challenges of the 21stcentury is at the top of national priority today.This is where cloud networking comes as an innovator. Enrolling in online classes, participating in group activities, tracking assignments, earning their diplomas online would help the learners to stay competitive. By transforming traditional chalk and board classes into live web learning, cloud and social networks reduce expenses significantly and also offer students a great number of opportunities for pursuing alternative forms of education. This virtual learning model makes way for students to collaborate with other pupils and professors from across the world. Dropbox and Apple iCloud are few of the cloud services that students are using to have access to the most current learning resources updated by the teachers.

Mass awareness and uniform access to all

With the new generation technology schools and administrators try to deliver equal educational services to thousands of students worldwide who can’t even think of affording it.Cloud infrastructure brings remote study materials and resources onto their desktops and screens. They can easily download the materials from wherever they are. All that one would need is an internet connection. Utilizing this innovation, students at remote locations or rural areas can lower their overall investment on books, hardwares, pendrives, paper printing maintenance, hence having an equal opportunity like the elites to show academic excellence. By eliminating ignorance and increasing awareness, cloud can become a catalyst in lowering the vast illiteracy rate around the nation.

These tools enable you to work collaboratively on the web pages especially when the kids are taking classes from home during the lockdown. The world today is run by the cloud and cloud-connected technologies and its impact on the education sector is astounding.

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