How to Choose The Best Mobile in India

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Are you confused about choosing your next mobile phone? Not sure, which smartphone is better for you. No need to worry, here I am going to share some simple tips that will help you to make an informed choice.

Well, when you visit a mobile store you may get confused about choosing from a  wide variety. Moreover, you may get more confused while ordering online. Because you get a lot of recommendations and you may end up buying the wrong phone.

If you’re looking for the best cell phones in any budget inside India. Here are some helpful tips, follow them to pick the right one.

Best Mobiles in India

No matter what your budget is, you need to be careful when buying your cell phone. If you’re searching for the best mobiles under 10000 or in any budget, then consider the following factors

Choose an Operating System

First of all, consider the operating system of the mobile phone. If you are looking for a simple user interface and higher security then iOS is the best choice. But the iPhone has a higher price range. On the contrary, If you want more flexibility and lower-cost cell phones, then select Android Mobiles. The second aspect for choosing your smartphone is the price

Decide Your Budget

This is the most important part while you are buying a smartphone. Due to the increasing number of cell phone companies, the price of mobiles is going down nowadays. So you can get a mobile phone with many advanced features at a lower price. However, iOS mobiles are always more expensive than androids.

Consider the Softwares or Applications you use

What software do you use for your work? If you use Microsoft Office or Google products then android will work best for you. Check out other devices at your home, if you have any Apple products, then an iPhone offers you the best integration with those devices.

Check Different Features you Need

Apart from email, web browser, maps, calendar, and other basic features, look for specific features you need. For example, if you want a fingerprint sensor, cloud storage, third party application installation, etc. Today, most of the mobiles are coming with many smart features, such as face detection, voice navigation, etc. So identify your needs and check the features of the mobiles.

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The Screen Size

Screen size is an important factor to consider. The screen size of a mobile phone is measured along the diagonal. If you choose smaller screen size, it can easily fit into your pocket. However, if you watch more videos or play more games then you may need a large screen size phone.

Choose a Brand and Version

Another important factor when you buy a phone is to choose a good brand. There are many poor smartphone brands available on the market with very low quality of operation. So, be careful when selecting the brand.

Second, search for different versions of a specific brand. If you want to purchase the latest version of a cell phone, it may have some nice features, but you will have issues because there is no feedback on the market for that model.

Check the Camera Quality

Although smartphones have good camera qualities, you need to verify it. Check the camera quality of different models and brands from old customers. Don’t fall in the trap of fake advertising.

Along with the resolution, check other things like noise reduction, megapixel’s count, low-light performance, etc. Look for the front and rear cameras of the mobile. Consider if you need a camera with a flashlight in the rear as well as in the front camera.

Battery Life and Charging

Read reviews from various online stores to know about your phone’s battery life. Nowadays, several brands sell superchargers that enable fast charging. Often read the performance of a phone from original users. Don’t get in the pit of the words of the advertiser and salesman.

If you are looking for the best mobiles under 15000 in India, I would suggest going for android models.


Hopefully, this article has provided you with information about how to pick the right smartphone. Keep these points in mind and check them when you’re going to buy your phone. In addition, check the accessories provided by the brand before you purchase your mobile. Finally, I suggest that you buy your phone from authentic retailers and online platforms.