Instagram’s Threads is the latest messaging app seeking to keep you connected with close friends

Instagram threads

In a move that strikes the right notes when it comes to setting priorities, photo sharing social website Instagram recently launched its camera-first messaging app called Threads. Threads seeks to keep you better connected with your ‘close friends’ on the site while letting you chat and share photos and videos faster and with more ease.

For folks who have Instagram on number one of their app priority list, the Threads feature is indeed a boon of sorts. The app allows for sharing of the current locations, uploading status and sharing battery among the users while an optional Auto Status feature provides for the presumed streaming and passive sharing of locations and status based on “location, movement, battery level, and network connection even when you’re not using the app.”

Setting up the close friends list while opting for the primary account that you want to communicate through makes Thread a fairly viable option for avid Insta users who have always wanted the Gram to be a bit more accessible.

Threads is an entirely customisable feature on Instagram that opens directly to the camera (much like Snapchat) and lets for convenient sharing of photos and videos, sans any filter. Threads also allows you to customise your camera with shortcuts making it all the more user friendly while the opt in option for Auto Status also kind of makes privacy concerns redundant.