Russian technological masterpieces that will blow your mind away

Russian technological masterpieces
Source : The Moscow Times

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup that has got the world talking for a month now, the Russian mainland is very much under scrutiny in the world stage. But with the national team out of reckoning to claim their hands on the coveted trophy, we don’t have much to look forward to in Russia as a footballing giant, at least for this year. Let us take a look at some of the most stunning Russian technological masterpieces that will surely make your brain go for the toss!


Catering to the ‘extreme mental pressure’ that might be generated as a result of ongoing exploits in the FIFA World Cup, the principles of biofeedback have been put into use by researchers at the Ural Federal University.  The device ‘Reacor’ which ‘seeks to stabilise a fan’s emotional state’ in those crucial moments of a tension game aims at relaxing muscles in somewhat of a subtle manner so as to release the anxiety generated by the game.

Russian technological masterpieces
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Skin reactions, an electroencephalogram, temperature and breathing, individually as well as a collective parameter go into deriving the patient’s health analysis, which sets the tone for the required treatment.


The largest and fastest amphibious assault craft in the world, Zubr’s hovercraft seems like a wave to the eye when in motion, when in reality it is an essentially heavy device. Catering to transportation of heavy technology and troops, the all terrain vehicle effortlessly seams over land, water as well as icy topography.

Russian technological masterpieces
Source : Sputnik International


Though the Sukhoi SU 47 Berkut prototype that was developed never made it to the forces, it still remains one of the most iconic airtcrafts ever, courtesy its ‘anomalous’ wing.  When taking off from an aircraft carrier’s short runaway, the wings allow the plane to gain speed quickly and change to a horizontal flight without falling into the water.

Russian technological masterpieces
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An ‘aircraft carrier killer’, the surface effect vehicle is essentially the hybrid of a ship and a plane. Simultaneously endowed with the dual tactics of taking off from water and flying low key to go unnoticed by enemy torpedoes, the flying ship is one revolutionary war equipment.

Russian technological masterpieces
Source : Sputnik International


The construction of the MI-12 helicopter bereft of the rotating propellers lends the aircraft its characteristic maneuverability and high lifting force. An unbeaten record of the lifting of a 40.2- ton cargo 7,382 feet (2,250 meters) high in 1969 goes on to establish the strength of this sturdy copter.

Russian technological masterpieces
Source : Al-Masdar News


Though burns recovery bed are very much in use for treatment of severely burned patients, Russian major Ritm devised a replica that is clinically as well as economically viable. The idea was sparked by a tragic accident, that of the explosion of a major gas pipeline in Asha (Russia’s Bashkiria region) which ran next to the railroad track while a passenger train was passing alongside.

Russian technological masterpieces
Source: Review Journal

The High Tech offering from Ritm incorporates glass hydrophobic microbeads, which when interacts with water or other bodily fluids does not allow bacteria to survive to ensure an infection free recovery post the trauma.


Russia’s Closed Transfer Segment, the national military’s massive internal network has been devising plans for building up a ‘cloud’, a sort of backup that would hold the country in good stead if somehow there is an entire disconnect from the global internet. Commercial traffic would all be in safe stead even in the case of a war eventuality.

Russian technological masterpieces
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Sapphire is one of those jewelry essentials that is much preferred now a days. Not only it is the hardest element after diamond, but also it finds wide application for camera lenses and smartphone screens. And given the fact that sapphire is priced higher than even diamond, Russian biggie Monocrystal introduced synthetic sapphires. As of now, one out of every three smartphone in the world utilises this Russian breakthrough.

Russian technological masterpieces
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The world abounds in technological marvels and Russia, for sure, does it better than anyone else!