Sony’s boisterous 16K display marks frenzied debut in Japan

sony 16k screen in japan

Japanese giant Sony seems all set to have us ‘Be Moved’ in tandem with its tagline as it announced the launch of an almost unprecedented 16k resolution display television recently. The impending development was made public by Sony during the National Association of Broadcasters 2019 trade show in Las Vegas.

To be installed at a state-of-the-art research centre in Yokohama in Japan, the spectacular display will exhibit a clarity that would be resounding in its impact and experience, in spite of the boisterous view.

The massive display measuring 17 feet by 63 feet will feature 16 times the amount of pixels found in a 4K television and will reportedly stretch across the first and second floors of the research facility that will be housing it. However, this isn’t Sony’s first attempt at introducing a 16K display. A similar venture by the company found representation in a show at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in 2014.

But unlike the previous time when the display looked like it was made up of dozens of smaller screens rather than presenting a single seamless picture, the current facility that’s being built for Japanese cosmetic brand Shiseido will exhibit a multiple modular panel for the ultra crisp display.

The announcement comes in the face of a recent move by rival Samsung wherein the company had unveiled a single display 8K screen. Sony’s enhanced version utilises bezelless modular panels for the singular screen display effect.

Sony will be going with its custom Crystal LED technology for the monster screen, that which is brighter than conventional OLED displays even without a backlight. In fact, Sony has already produced a content for the same by making use of whatever 16K footage they could get hold of.

Though initial production would only be directed for commercial purposes, with swifter upgrading of viewing experiences and displays, it’s quite expected that Sony would be ushering in a revolution for the future with this massive endeavour.