Revolutions in the Tech World that were initiated by Indians

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The world, as we view it today, owes its unification to technology. With scientific backups constantly monitoring the evolving reality of the interconnected whole, automation driven advances have become the need of the hour. Indian inventions, in this context, though limited, do call for considerable attention. Let’s have a look at the top 5 modern day tech revolutions initiated by the Indians.


The birth of electronic mail seems to be shrouded in controversy. However, Indian- American scientist V A Shiva Ayyadurai claims to be the creator of the electronic messaging service, much as we know it today, courtesy of  a summer program that he attended as a 14 year old at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of New York University to study computer programming.

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Categorically under the realm of electronic mail, Hotmail was co- founded by Indian entrepreneur Sabeer Bhatia. Though it lost out on the initial steam after G- mail came into the picture, yet this is one invention that leads immense credibility to the technological scenario in India.

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Another Indian- American Ajay V. Bhatt is the recognised developer of the Universal Serial Bus technology, under US tech giant Intel. USB is today regarded as one of the most important advances in computing, as it has made e- storage convenient and more efficient.

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Already the leader in computer chips, Intel’s tech progress was further enhanced by Vinod Dham, the Indian who brought pentium processors into the picture.

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Another indispensable technological revolution was initiated by Indian Guruprasad Das when he invented the railway vacuum brake, now known as the seamless coil brake, sometime in the 1930s. Though one of the lesser known tech revolutionisers, he nevertheless occupies an important place in the history of Indian inventors.

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