10 packing essentials for a trekking expedition


Whether you are an avid hiker or a novice, a trip into the mountains is an amazing answer to many of life’s stresses. Just being in the great outdoors, taking in nature and the fresh air, can give you an incredible mood boost and restore your positive outlook on life.

Here are some of the necessary essentials required by a trekking lover-

The most important essential for you to carry is a navigation.

navigation map
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It is a very beneficial factor for mountain climbers to carry a navigation map as there is never a very definite and proper “road” ,as such, while trekking on the mountains. The terrain is very steep and undulating  and requires navigation.

One should always opt to wear hiking shoes.

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 It is very wise to wear hiking shoes while trekking as the terrain is very slippery and without a proper grip while walking , one can fall prey to accidents. And believe us, it will not be a very pleasant death.

One should be well insulated.

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It is a well known fact that the weather conditions are not very pleasant in hilly terrains. One can experience sudden changes in the climate while on their expedition. So , an extra pair of socks, underwear( both top and bottom), a synthetic jacket (in case of rains) or vest, and a extra hat, will be very useful.

A first aid kit.

first aid kit
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 A first aid kit is very very necessary while trekking. Hilly terrains are the most danger prone regions. The kit should include treatments for blisters, adhesive bandages of various sizes, several gauze pads, adhesive tape, disinfecting ointment, over-the-counter pain medication, pen and paper.

A very important essential in hydration.


 A bottle of water or any other energy drinks (preferably fruit juices), is a must. These expeditions are very tiresome and requires a lot of hydration and causes energy loss .

Carry an emergency shelter.


 It is very essential to carry shelter (tents), along with you due to the following reasons:

  • The weather conditions are very harsh and can change at any period.
  • It can be very expensive in hilly regions so carrying your own shelter is wise.

Carry your own fire .

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Carrying your own fire resources is very beneficial like lighters and matchboxes. It can save up a lot of money and help in emergency situations.

Pack yourself some nutritious food to go.

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Packing food items like fruits, or nutritious, energy providing food, can be very significantly helpful to go a long way. But always pack light.

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Key tools beneficial for you.

swiss knife
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 A Swiss knife is one of the key tool to carry while trekking. Since they are pocket friendly and has multiple usability.

A torch or flashlight can help a lot.

 led flashlight
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 Last but not the least, a torch or a flashlight is a very important essential to carry, in case it gets dark while travelling. It is a must as the hilly regions have a very unregulated and terribly unsafe terrains.

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