10 Things you should never do while in Vietnam

Lotus Pond Hanoi
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Holidaying is a leisure. So if you want a stress free vacation that actually allows you to rewind and return rejuvenated, you might as well keep yourself abreast of all things that may be taboo in the land you are planning to venture into for the holidays.

Vietnam is a quaint country, with its idyllic landscape and relatively undisturbed environs, but there are some serious restrictions that may curb your free will while in this country. Read on to know about all those things that you should refrain from doing while in Vietnam.

Your visa and passport should be ready well in advance, even before you!

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Get your documents properly checked and verified so that you don’t have to undergo the hassle of being harassed by the doubting officials.

Try being enchanted with the culture, not the beaches of Vietnam.

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Sorry to burst your bubble of a dreamy holiday but the beaches of Vietnam, however beautiful they may be, cannot match up to the idyllic sea shores elsewhere in the world.

Don’t leave you phone or other pricey stuff in full public display.


Petty crimes are high frequency in Vietnam, so take care not to put up an extravagant show of belongings if you don’t want to return home all broke and down.

Don’t dress up in a manner that can be considered revealing.

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Vietnam is still very much a ‘traditional’ land, which means that shorts, skirts, off shoulders, crops and obviously onesies, and pretty much every other stuff that is not particularly ‘decent’ should better sit in your luggage.

Don’t depend too much on your hotel’s breakfast.

vietnamese food
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If you are putting up at some place that had tried to lure you with a ‘breakfast included’ itinerary, chances are the stuff they dish up will hardly be able to satiate your hunger, never mind your spirit. It’s advisable to be on the safe side and hunt for food joints that serve delectable meals to fill up your tummy and retain your holidaying mood.

Try not taking your freedom of speech too seriously while in the country.

freedom of speech
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Sure, you may greet fellow tourists or locals (if you pick up some fraction of the native language, that is) but don’t get daring enough to blurt out anti government stance for it will surely lend you in trouble.

Steer clear of driving, even with an international license on hand.


And it’s not just the crowded roads, it’s also the huge number of restrictions that you will encounter if you happen to be behind the wheels.

Carrying drugs is illegal in Vietnam.

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It’s one of the most offensive of all crimes in the country, like it is in most other parts of the world.

Don’t miss the road side food stuff.

vietnam street food
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So while many may frown upon the food by the streets because of a lack of hygiene, be sure to taste the delicious fare on offer from shops that remain busy to minimise your chances of encountering stale stuff.

PDAs are not allowed, not even now.


Don’t venture beyond holding hands when you are in the quaint country. Kissing and hugging in public are frowned upon here.