10 Things that are a Must Have in your Travel Kit

You could either pack your entire world into your bags when you travel or you could be someone who prefers to plan things out and pack light. Either way, here are some travel essentials that’ll always come in handy.


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We’re so glued to our electronic devices – laptops, phones, whatever – that it’s an obvious decision for us to travel with our chargers and power-banks. However, if you’re traveling to a foreign country, you must also be mindful of packing away adapters. Just pack every kind of cord you think you’ll need in a small bag and you’ll be good to go.

Your medication

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This is another no-brainer. If you’re on medication, don’t forget to carry your pills with you. You could also stow away some cough drops, vitamins, pills related to digestive issues, pills related to headaches and stuffy noses and some sort of pain-relief balm/gel.

Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes
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Wet wipes, or even baby wipes, are great multi-taskers. You can use them to clean off dirt and grime from your face at the end of the day, use them to freshen up your skin and when push comes to shove, you can even use them to sanitise your hands.


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Having a pair of socks or a cozy shawl can instantly help you feel better whenever you’re feeling a little chilly. And we all know how unpredictable the weather can be these days, so, you’ll definitely be on the safer side with those warmer clothing accessories.

Hand Sanitizer

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Hand Sanitizer is one staple one must never compromise on. There are germs everywhere. Everywhere. Keep yourself germ-free with your Hand Sanitizer.

Candy/Breath Mint/Chewing Gum

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You know how your ears pop when you’re on planes? Sucking on some hard candies or chewing some gum helps lessen that pain to a certain degree. Carrying these small sugary treats also help throughout the rest of the journey.


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A pack of tissues are also very handy. Whether it’s wiping your wet hands, blowing your nose or stuffing them up the nose in case of nosebleeds, simple tissues happen to be a life-saver as well.

A notebook and a pen

A notebook and a pen
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Hear me out on this one. You need a pen to fill out immigration forms when you’re traveling abroad and you can either be someone who either has a pen on hand or someone who borrows one. It’s always better to carry one anyway and keep a tiny notebook tucked away as well.

Sun Protection

Sun Protection
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In this day and age, it should be your utmost priority to use some sort of sun protection when you’re traveling, no matter where you are. You should always, always, always have a good sunscreen with you.

A Survival Kit

Survival Kit
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Now, this one’s a bit of a cheat since it contains a variety of items but it all comes together into one Survival Kit. Have a small pouch ready and fill it with paper soap, Band-Aids, hand cream, lip balm, a multi-purpose antiseptic salve, some alcohol swabs, some cotton buds, a pocket mirror and whatever you think is appropriate.

Happy travels!