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13 of the ‘worthiest’ flea markets around the world!

Petersplatz Flea Market
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How worthy is your junk? Not a dime, maybe, but for those who are avid collectors of anything vintage and things that are conventionally ‘useless’, priceless would be the word. No wonder, flea markets have been capturing all of the world’s attention with their stunningly unique array of goodies on offer. And if you are someone who prides on owning a huge assortment of such charming antiquities that you have acquired as ultimate steal buys, then you sure need to check out 13 of the worthiest places in the world that can cater to your undaunted collecting spirit!


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Hues and dues are galore in this flea market with a difference. Fresh produce, array of local foods and unique souvenirs on colorful canoes lend this place a charm and sprite that you would not encounter in any other flea market of the world. Wading through the pretty little canoes to boss and bargain for stuff that would be any collector’s delight, this place in Thailand is definitely charming enough to hold you in its lure!


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The Vintage Village of Spain, Mercantic is more than just a flea market famous for its worthy stuff. This place will definitely let you steal a deal, but what’s perhaps even more fascinating about this authentic abode of cultural delight is the rare rendezvous with live music and local food, even as you marvel at the artistry flowing in the market’s unique Creative Space.


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Indian flea markets are unique and thrilling because of the vast array of goodies they house. And if you are on the look out for virtually everything that can sum up your whirlwind list of ‘essentials’, then Mumbai’s Colaba Causeway is just the place for you. Whether you want to pile up some books, dazzle with some jewelry, stomp up some sass with funky shoes, be the eye candy in quirky shirts or simply are in the mood to grab some stellar deal, the Culture Square Colaba will definitely not fail to amaze you!


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France’s most famous ‘Market of the Fleas’ is actually the mother of all flea markets. All sorts of antiques ranging from paintings and furniture, collectibles and paraphernalia, cheap trinkets and upscale brands enjoy immense popularity in what is also one among the most picturesque of flea markets in the world. What’s more, it also runs a shipping service which means that you can rummage with ease among the sky high tucks of stuff without having to worry about the hassle of carrying your load about!


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One of the most iconic of flea markets, Portobello Road in London boasts of a rich array of almost 2000 stalls selling everything from eatables to readables to wearables and, of course, collectibles! For more than half a century now since 1950, Portobello has been delighting people with its unique assortment of antiquities and valuables and though is a daily market, comes particularly alive with its vibrant crowd during the weekends.


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Just the fact that this one is a night market is enough to set it apart from all of the world’s other flea markets. An annual rendezvous that takes place on the third Sunday of August, the electrifying reality beckons you with more fun that you would ever experience in any flea market in the world. The intensity of the deep night, complete with terrific music and rounds of strong coffee provides the perfect setting for hundreds of dealers to set up their wares for bargaining scourers in a one in a life time kinda experience!


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Though not among the most hyped of flea markets, Otavola flea market is one immensely chromatic experience.And not just the multitude of colorful wares on display, the crowd is equally splashed in hues making it a very thrilling place to visit. As far as its reputation as a flea market is concerned, the pick is pretty decent with traditional handmade Ecuadorian textiles, woven stuff as well as subdued indigenous products on ample display- and sale- by charming local sellers.


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Flea markets are worthy because of all things exquisite and low cost and this Moroccan delight spells out a name that literally means ‘the cheap house’. You will find everything here at a real bargain- groceries, electronics, dainty decorative pieces, fine Moroccan carpets and a whole lot of stuff on offer that makes this place a paradise for anyone on a ‘treasure hunt’!


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Not your typical flea market with antiquities and stuff but very much still a very Indianised sorta bargain place. You will find all your stuff in good measure in here and that too at surprising rates, but what lends this place a very youthful vibe is the eclectic atmosphere you encounter once you step into the market premises that is a sure shot unmissable affair only on Sundays.


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Moroccan magic infests the souks of the country’s myriad alleyways that provide an ethereal experience as you go on a hunt for some of the most striking specimens of Moroccan artistry. Typical indigenous stuff of teas and spices, tapestries and pretty rugs will greet you in full bounty as you enjoy getting lost in the uniquely delightful shopping extravaganza in this out of the world flea market.


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Now this is a flea market with a difference. An amalgamation of fleas that shape up the 600 years old market, which is also one among the largest in the world, the Grand Bazaar is a stunning conglomerate of vintage Turkish delight, replete with aromas of famous Turkish spices and coffee and equally enchanting sights of handicrafts, world famous Turkish carpets, antique jewelry and basically everything you would ever need. Though the wares cannot exactly be classified as flea stuff, the shopping- and bargaining- experience here that thrills nearly half a million daily visitors in the peak months is unsurpassed and totally worth the prices!


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This one holds all the charm of a flea market and also has an old world feel to it, with the ‘corridor’ sale scene likely to transport you to those wonderlands of interpretation in fiction. As the longest flea market since its 1987 beginnings, the corridor sale spawns a whopping 690 miles and is a overwhelming concentration of American country culture, music, cuisine and recreation. An annual affair during the first weekend of August, starting on Thursday, the 127 corridor yard is one of the most thrilling places that you would definitely want to explore!


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Another date with Turkish stock of vendibles is inevitable if you step into the Sunday market of fleas in the neighbourhood of Ferikoy in the country. A place that beckons with its offerings of collectibles from the era gone by, the glittering market that remains a boring affair as a car park during the weekdays, the Ferikoy flea market is your definite bet for flaunting oddities and the like, if you happen to be a wayward collector!