A couple amazing natural waterslides for a fun ride!

Natural waterslides
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Water surfing, boating, swimming are all so fun but ordinary ways in which you frolic about in those mass bodies of clear fluid. And while such activities of recreation are all so common and by now, almost exhaustive, we bring one another fun option for you to explore.

You might have heard of water slides and may also have been super excited to try one. Undoubtedly, the prospect of sailing along as you splash in the cool water excites and refreshes you to no end. But wait before you embark on a ride, for not all natural waterslides are sleek and smooth. While most of them are relatively quiet, there exists some others which aren’t necessarily so calm and serene.

Nestled within the lush green confines of New Zealand exists perhaps one of those natural water slides that will provide you with a phenomenal experience of swooshing down the travail traversed by the calm yet vibrant splash of the cool water.

Natural waterslides
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The Rere Rockslide, off Wharekopae Road is a 200 feet long flat slab of rock that has been worn down completely into a smooth trail by continuous gush of water streams. So that you are rejuvenated by this once in a lifetime kinda swooshing experience!

But if you are not one to be satisfied in merely soaking the sun down as you sail along the water course, we have another pick that will surely appeal to you with a ride that is somewhat more dangerous.

Officially called the Damajaqua Cascades, the appeal of this one of the unique amongst the natural waterslides lies in its local name as much as the course. Popularly known as the 27 Waterfalls, it’s like a waterfall built into the rocks somewhere in the Dominican Republic. The activity here will be a lot more stressed, but equally thrilling.

Natural waterslides
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