A Traveller’s Guide to Bhutan: the last Shangri La

Best places to visit in bhutan
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Bhutan has always been a mystical land. Pristine, enticing and sublimely tranquil, this hamlet on earth is essentially one of the exquisite shangri- las with its quintessentially quite and calm settings. A trip to this abode of natural wonder will surely set you up for an experience of a treasure trove of ultimate dreamy charm and allure.


A peaceful abode of tranquility, wonder and beauty, Bhutan is one of those few countries that beckons you not just to trek and tour, but to explore and unravel the mysteries of this strikingly mythical land.

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You’ll gape at the surreality of the beauty the land has to offer. And even as you experience the unbounded joy in what is surely the happiest place on earth, you will also be amazed at the bounty that this Himalayan wonderland stocks up in its pristine hues and views!

Classy Elite

Bhutan has always been a royalty, and yet you’ll be surprised at just the amount of simplistic charm this land beholds. Power for the royalite in this country is a matter of responsibility, rather than an extravagance.

bhutan monarchy
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The respect that the beloved royal family commands is the purest example of deep reverence you will ever witness. And the ingenuity in the affection of the natives is palpable, much as the country itself.

Tradition and spirituality

A rather prominent lifestyle of Bhutan is weaving. And though the country has 23 local languages, weaving encompasses the history of generations of Bhutanese dwellers and is more of  a tradition that has been passed on as word of mouth.

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Monasteries and the colorful flags have always been the ideal visual of Bhutan. The gentle wind flapping the little flags that you encounter at virtually every peak of the country transports you to a world of idealism, where mystical occurrences take form.

national memorial chorten bhutan
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Must Visits

  • Chimi Lhakhang in Punakha, the presiding place of the maverick saint Drukpa Kunley
punakha dzong
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  • Taktshang Goemba or Tiger’s Nest Monastery, spectacularly located on the cliff-side of Paro Valley, which is the embodiment of Guru Rinpoche, the founding father of Buddhism in Bhutan.
Tiger’s Nest Monastery
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  • Royal Manas National Park near Gelephu in southern Bhutan
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  • Chomolhari, for trekking
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  • National Museum Of Bhutan, Paro
National Museum Of Bhutan
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  • Buddha Dordenma Statue, Thimphu
Buddha Dordenma Statue
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  • Bumdra, for trekking as well as for the monasteries
  • Punakha Suspension Bridge
punakha suspension bridge
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  • Haa valley
Haa valley
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  • Rafting in Mo Chu River
Mo Chu River
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  • Dochula Pass (Thimphu)
Dochula Pass
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