Advantages of commuting daily by a public bus

Public bus is the most widely used mode of transportation by the people of India. Bus stands are the places where a large crowd is always to be found till the late evening hours. Prior to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, it was not an unusual scene to witness an overflow of people jostling with each other to find a spot to stand properly on a bus and get to hold the tiniest space on the bars or seats. With the crowds stretching right from the back to the front of the bus, and sometimes even on the steps, the hullaballoo is a common occurrence and some people do not seem to mind the petty arguments that often break out between groups of people but mostly with the conductor over the disagreement with the fares. A careful observation of the passengers in a bus would make the glimmer in the eye unmissable when one of them manages to get an empty seat to perch down comfortably. Meanwhile, the uncontrollable pushing for grabbing a seat on the bus when one passenger gets up from it is also an everyday scene to be seen. However, there are a number of benefits for using a public bus to commute daily.

Here is a list of some advantages of travelling in a public bus-

Travel with minimum expenses and save money

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The first reason of the usage of public bus as the popular mode of transportation is due to the fact that the fares are the cheapest among all other types of vehicles and is affordable for almost all people. Travelling in a bus would allow us to travel to the desired destination with the most minimum expenses and thereby help us in saving our money to a large extent. It would also not be a bad idea to admit that choosing a bus to commute among the other means of public transport on offer would secretly make us free of all regret of having spent too much money unnecessarily.

Get some ‘Me’ Time

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If you get the golden chance of sitting in a bus seat all alone, you can get a few minutes of ‘Me’ time till you reach your destination. During these moments of silence, it can be a good time for relaxation and quietly observe the variety of people in the bus or the colourful scene of the streets through the windows of the bus. With no one to disturb you with their rants, you can also de-stress yourself by listening to some soothing songs or music in your playlist.

Enjoy a view of the streets without getting disturbed

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The biggest plus point of going by bus would be opportunity of getting to sit near a window. With the chance of witnessing the vista of people going about their daily lives, the various heights of the buildings, the number of trees standing tall or animals strolling around the roads, the colourful goodies displayed in the windows of shops or being sold at roadside markets opening before your eyes, a journey by bus can indeed be wonderful. Unlike a private vehicle or the other modes of public transport which does not make occasional stops and we can get a rush of the wind on our face while travelling in it, a journey by bus can turn out to be more pleasant as the lashing of the air on the face would not be felt constantly since it waits for passengers at various bus stands/ stoppages.

Grab the chance to study the variety of people

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With public buses teeming about people coming and getting out at each bus stop, there can be no better place than this mode of transportation to observe people’s behavior, their moods and style they carry. Sometimes a bus can turn into a place of amusement when passengers broke out into high heated arguments with the conductor over bus fares. Moreover, the scene of three or four passengers quarrelling with each other over some silly topics also attracts the attention of the other travelers in the bus and the constant stare over the spot of fighting continues till the argument is broken down by the conductor.

Understand the necessity of punctuality

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It is quite true that it will take you much longer to reach your destination if you are travelling in a public bus as it waits some time at each terminal for receiving adequate passengers. Unlike a private vehicle or other modes of public transportation like autorickshaws and taxis which makes you reach your destination within a shorter duration without waiting but with the investment of a few bucks, the necessity of going earlier out of your home is much important to reach your destination on time when journeying in a bus. Therefore, the real value of punctuality or trying to do things on time is understood nicely by a person regularly commuting by bus.

Less congestion on roads

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If the number of people choosing to travel daily by bus increases, then there is a higher chance that the everyday long and irritating traffic jams on roads might get less to some extent. The low number of private vehicles on road will ensure the smooth flow of transportation and there is a good chance for people to reach their desired destination earlier than the scheduled time.

Travel with less worries in mind

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When you travel in your car or bike, the worry of whether there is sufficient amount of fuel in the engine always lingers in the mind. Moreover, the concentration in driving carefully along the road also is an important factor while driving a private vehicle. The tension of the uncertainty of finding an adequate place for parking also seems like a cumbersome procedure sometimes in a place. However, while journeying by a bus, you can go to your destination without these worries and spending only the minimum expenses.

Cut the level of already high air pollution

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The low number of private vehicles on road will cut the level of air pollution to a higher extent and there is a good chance of breathing more fresh air and thereby the risk of diseases caused by air pollution will also decrease. With less traffic jams and low air pollution, the process of commuting daily to work would become more comfortable and safe for the public.

Get a chance to exercise more

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When you undertake a bus journey, you have to mandatorily get down at a bus stop which is always located on the main street. After stepping down from the bus, the process of going to your destination is either via walking or hailing some other public vehicle. It is always better to stroll along to your port of call as it will make you feel more energetic and refreshing thereby giving you the benefits of an exercise.

Doing a noble deed of helping the bus staff economically

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If you are travelling on a bus, know that you are helping some persons like the bus driver and the conductor economically whose source of livelihood is the operation of the bus on the roads. Therefore, the act of travelling daily in a bus is also a kind of noble deed that you are doing.

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