Anyang- The Chinese City Which Sings The Great Glory Of The Past And Flourishes In The Present

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Anyang, the ancient city of the Henan province of China, dreams of the long ago days when the kings of various dynasties ruled graciously from their capitals and today it upholds the dignity of its past rulers and captivates every person by narrating its great history at various sites that are worth visiting. It also houses many museums and is a paradise for nature and adventure lovers.


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If you are the one who is fascinated by the tales of kings and queens, then Anyang is surely the place for you to go. In Yinxu where the ruins of the Shang dynasty are present, you will be transported to an ancient world as it is home to a number of enchanting artifacts like majestic buildings, ancient tombs of various rulers and their families, remnants of ancient chariots, and mostly the oracle bones which are interesting historical Chinese records. Again,  Youli City narrates the story of King Wen and will fascinate you with its huge labyrinth known as ‘ The Labyrinth Of The Eight Trigrams’. The labyrinth is also a thrilling place as it is easy to get lost in its complicated passages.


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The Wengfeng Pagoda, with its marvellous architecture can put modern day architects to shame. Built on a circular lotus base, it is a brick structure with wooden eaves which have five levels ,with the levels width increased upwards . Then there is the Yue Fei Temple, whose highlight are the five bronze statues kneeling before Yue Fei in an apologizing manner after falsely accusing him. This temple was constructed in memory of a Chinese military general of the Song dynasty named Yue Fei.


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The Yidu and Anyang Museums provides a glimpse of the various relics and artifacts of the rulers of yore but the most interesting one is the Museum Of Chinese Writing. It showcases the recorded language inscriptions of various Chinese dynasties and ethnic groups like rubbed stone inscriptions, Chinese seal engraving, ancient coins, calligraphy work, bamboo and silk inscriptions etc.


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The man- made Red Flag Canal in Mount Taihang is so captivating to look at as it flows gently through the mountains .This canal originated from the Zhuozhang River. The Youth Cave, carved out of a cliff in the mountain and the air suspended, mountain stretched Buyun Bridge are wonderful engineering marvels. The breathtaking view of the valley and the surreal experience of boating in the canal by passing through the mountain caves will make you longing to come to Anyang again and again.

Again Mount Taihang is a delight for adventure lovers as the Linlu Mountain International Paragliding Site offers an experience of paragliding to be cherished for lifetime. The joy of flying through the air and looking at the scenery spread out below is simply wow.

With so much to offer, Anyang is surely a place to explore in China . So guys, it is time to pack up your travelling kits and head off to this lesser known paradise .