Soaking up the Assagaon identity of Goa

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Enamored by the eclectic Goan charm in a profusion of natural beauty more than evident in its emerging as a haven of the most vivid hues as well as in its forever trendy hip and happening parties and lively atmosphere is an experience of the aesthetics unparalleled indeed in its sheer composition in cosmopolitan clarity. Think Goa and one would inevitably conjure up images of the most beautiful beaches resting along the most pristine of waters, replete with the typical sea side charms of lazing and enjoying and merry making even as the dazzling lights of the night bring upon also another characteristic expression of the immensely touristry place in prominent partying vibes. On the other end of this same spectrum characterised throughout by resplendences galore in different assertions of it, it also are places of worship and heritage builds of architecture that make Goa equally sought out a travel destination for both national and international travelers.

But while it is easy to curate the Goan experience in terms of the allure of the blues and the blitz of its larger than life magic in revelling, this gem of an expanse luxuriously sprawling the impressive range of beauty across its geographic identity as India’s smallest state is one as striking in every aspect of its existence even beyond the folds of its typical fame. Ensconced along the western coast of the country, the appeal of Goa transcends more than often the realms of its knowingness to also throw up such pleasant encounters in surprise that only furthers the undying craze for its exploration.

One such place that reveals as one of the most charismatic renditions of Goa’s much famous existence in a whole repertoire altogether of riches happens to be not any glittering urban space nor even some locational identity of a township promising yet another fancied flair so fluently elocuted in the distinctive dialog that the state stands for in all its dramatic display. Identified as the village of Assagao but poetically exalted in such epithets as being the Land of Flowers most prominently but encompassing also such allure of myriad meanderings as relayed through its many a striking nicknames evocative of its spectacular beauty as being the Artist’s Village or the Beverly Hills of Goa or even the ultimate parallel drawn as Goa’s Tuscany, this perhaps prettier than a picture landscape is one offering indeed the best experience drawing upon the entire Goan character.

In fact, so ethereally encapsulating happens to be the Assagao appearance that might as well overrule the ordinary Goan fame in extraordinariness. For in Assagao, one encounters a quaint experience in escape almost from the overwhelming buzz of the state’s immensely exuberant indulgence. Comfortably nestled in a space that moves away from the frenzied Goan hotspot of the charged up atmosphere but does not exactly tend as well to the isolated calm of the pristine beach type, residing instead in a warmth that impeccably sums up Goa’s desirable dwelling in a tropical distinction. But what sets Assagao more distinctly apart from the classic Goan charm of an upbeat existence is also the spanning of its surroundings.

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As a mesmerising little town tucked very much indeed in the gorgeous lap of nature, this offbeat Goan identity relies on the locational setting of it to craft for itself an identity more reminiscent of the vibes that does up the popular tourist preference of hill stations. Located some mere 4 kilometers away from the commercial town of Mapusa, an uphill road from which leads to this ‘Fullyanchem Gaon‘ or the flower village, this Goan valley done up pretty in lush abundance of nature’s bounty reveals truly as a paradise that one wouldn’t expect so much to stumble upon in Goa in this expression of grace over glamour. And yet, it isn’t just nature that have eked out for Assagao an identity so stunning to defy even the global prominence in Goan ubiquitousness, decked up as it is also in the human devised charms of artistry that runs through the trails of the town as a trait ingrained in its being.

Dreamy in its trance like state of existence, which is to say in its emerging as a sleepy, secluded village but no any less richer than the essential Goan experience, rustic indeed but modern still, the existence of Assagao is marked by a confluence of everything necessarily different yet similarly inspired. And thus there dwells along the backdrop of its mountainous expanse and flowered fields bringing to vivid imagination its beauty in the charismatic countryside rendition also such sights that are steeped in the grandeur of its heritage architecture and in the present day expressions of touristry essence.

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Making for visages to savour in its whitewashed churches and of yore Portuguese mansions and buoyant in its contemporary dotting by yoga retreats and villas, cafe and restaurants, shops and boutiques, Assagao is everything one would aspire to avail out of a travel escapade as enigmatic as the supposed Goan experience. Elegance runs deep along the Assagao lanes of historical heritage stirring thus a creativity encapsulating indeed in its excitingly experimental unfurling. An enchanting north Goan identity, quiet in its spectacular streaming as a pretty little village with not much buzz to match upto but prevailing still as one of the up and coming trendier destinations, peaceful very much and ‘prestigious’ as well, replete as it is with the popular ‘stately’ vibe, Assagao presents as a phenomenon in peculiarity that matches up though to every standard possible of the peculiar.

Alluding to that existence in serenity through its not so buzzing country lanes, leaved along their winding length and lined with trees is the existence of Assagao shielded not just in the physicality of its experience but also the awareness of its knowing even when it indeed is one of the more favorite destinations of the rich and famous. And it is not just the setting but also the placing of the Assagao town that makes it come alive in its own magnificence, ironically though in a manner somewhat removed from the mainstream Goan majesty.

Defying thus the next door Mapusan commercialism while being steeped a bit more in the enchanting natural essence, with its very presence ‘extracted’ from its surrounding slopes of verdancy endowed by a more than abundant growth of cashew trees, awaking to the rustle of fallen leaves and the chirping of beautiful birds rather than the blaring of party anthems, pleasant in its climate and cool across its emergence in character, more soulful than indulgent and reposed hence in a peace that the otherwise playful identity of Goa does not make much allowance for and Assagao connotes through itself a luxury one would not harbour much expectation for in a travel destination as trendy as the beach destination of India that the island state does not any more resonate as.

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Equally steeped also in classic Goan elements of red oxide floored and mother of pearl windowed old world bungalows and yet rendered distinctive in its singular appeal as the valley of flowers, so enchanting in fact that led a prince to lose his way here once thereby endowing upon the town its name, Assagao is an assimilation of every single thing that identifies as striking even in their ordinariness. Everything about Assagao has been essentially aesthetic, as has been the ‘tradition’ of this land bequeathing beauty as its treasure through both natural and man made account. And this experience in aesthetics as one continuing through its meandering in modernity makes Assagao relevant still to the Goan scheme of things even in its partial deviation from the set standards of the state.

In all such esteem of its existence in prettiness and petiteness masqueraded by a facet of creativity here and an expanse of drama there, the narrative of Assagao still adheres to the contemporary state of being. Rather it has been made to adhere instead to this flow of its continuity in living, by new world folks enticed so much by the intriguing nature of its existence that they discover upon it their own premises in individuality. No wonder the Assagaon face today occurs as a revealing in chic stature, with quirks and remarkabilities worked into the strata of its composition, so much so that the village has acquired a dimension of which it is only partly conscious.

And thus there dwells in the modern day setting an Assagao breathtaking in its hilltop assertion of the St Cajetan Church for instance on one hand and a whole many structures of refined sophistication on the other. In all these concrete modes of standing though, the characteristic Assagao vibe prevails of being but a definition in uniqueness. But through all this distinction there also permeates the commonality in character that still makes Assagao partake of the Goan identity in being a perfect holiday destination. Resorts and retreats might today more than sum up the essence of this small expanse of idyllic eminence but so undeniably enamoring is the plain Assagao experience that makes it a retreat more relaxing than any of the real estate and business opportunities rampantly running today along its merely some few square kilometers expanse of area.

Indeed, Assagao has more than a couple of elements working in its favour to dawn upon it that distinction in immense desirability. With of course the encapsulating beauty of the Western Ghats in tow and lines of coconut palms so typical of the coastal identity dancing in full flair being the hallmark of its Goan catering, Assagao is already sizzling a beach destination to explore. Add to it the conjuring of its own charm in much quirkiness and deliberately- read commercially stirred manifestation in modernity that holds onto the strands of the heritage and this is a travel destination definitely well defined in its appeal for the world to be delighted with its prospects in unexpected offering.