Babymoon : The happiest vacation on earth to be taken before welcoming the precious little human


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phase of life for a woman and the feeling of giving birth to a dear child, who would be a precious part of her family in the upcoming years, gives her the hope that she has indeed been blessed with insurmountable happiness. Moreover, the time that a woman knows that she would be turning into a mother soon and is carrying a baby in her womb makes her appreciate the foremost power of womanhood and thereby gives her a deep satisfaction of being born as a girl. It also gives her a feeling that she had been able to fulfill a great purpose of her life and that blissful moment is quite similar to a huge victory. To celebrate the greatest period of joyfulness in life, there can be nothing better for a would-be-mother than flying off to a serene location with her life partner in order to spend a lovely babymoon vacation together before getting 24X7 hours busy with the tiny human being once he / she pops out into the world.

While the word ‘VACATION’ has literally exercised itself to expand into a list of words like WORKATION (working vacation), STAYCATION (a short holiday period mostly in a luxurious resort), the more intimate kind of holidays where the words like ‘Privacy’ and ‘Us Time’ plays a predominant role ends with Moon. Although the practice of going off to a breathtaking destination after taking marriage vows recently i.e. HONEYMOON has become a traditional ritual nowadays, the system of a couple travelling to a nearby or faraway place in order to celebrate the news of arrival of a child in their lives i.e. BABYMOON has also become quite popular in India. It appears that the word Babymoon have been coined by Sheila Kitzinger in her 1996 book The Year after Childbirth. When the Bollywood celebrities makes anything popular- be it going off for some holidays, glamourizing a particular way of style, publicizing their patterns of lifestyle during an important period of their lives- it crazily goes viral and their fans or, rather say the masses try to inculcate that habit in their own life routines. As a number of Bollywood celebrity couples have made the trend of going off for a babymoon famous, many couples expecting babies are also going off on vacations before they prepare themselves for the arrival of the third person in their circle.

Here are some tips to make your most happy vacation i.e. babymoon a memorable one for lifetime-

Travel Early

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It is advisable for expectant mothers to take a babymoon trip with their life partners in the second trimester in order to enjoy the leisure time without feeling sick or pain. While the first trimester may bring out that sudden bouts of nausea and may make a long journey a bit uncomfortable, the third trimester is the period when the new moms have to be extra cautious of their health as the time of delivery almost seems like it is about to approach suddenly and tensions sometimes tends to reach its peak. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, the safest time for expectant mothers to travel for a babymoon is from 18 to 24 weeks. Moreover, the best advice on having a safe babymoon can only be obtained from a doctor so it is always the wisest plan to consult him /her before flying off for the much-needed vacation.

Pack Everything Well

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Unlike other forms of vacations where the feature of double-checking what you have packed is not so important, the list of things that should be carried while going on a babymoon should be followed with utmost seriousness. The would-be-moms must always pack loose breezy clothes in their suitcases like flowy dresses, large size kurti sets and kaftans. With the availability of a large variety of clothing solely made for the pregnancy, it would not be difficult for would-be-moms to choose what she needs to wear on a babymoon. When online shopping is the modern kind of retail therapy, the ladies should only indulge in shopping for pregnancy wear with full pleasure by browsing through e-commerce platforms or social media sites before finally buying something to take comfort in the best phase of her life. Apart from neatly packing the recently brought pregnancy outfits in the suitcase, it is always a good idea for the expectant mothers to pack their medical kits separately. For packing the medicines and the medical records, it is essential to buy a large bag beforehand so that the ultimate healthcare essentials can be bundled without any hassles on a day ahead of the most sought after trip. To ensure that there is no trouble on roaming about the scenic locations during honeymoon, the would-be-moms should also pack comfortable footwear as per their choice. Flip flops and sneakers without laces are some of the best footwear options for pregnant ladies. Meanwhile, the favourite snacks of the expectant mothers should also be taken so that she doesn’t become upset by craving for it when on a holiday. Personal essentials like moisturizer and sunscreen should not be forgotten at all to be packed because these are an absolute necessity for the pregnant ladies to keep themselves refreshed and protected from harsh weather conditions. A good book is also a nice thing to be taken for relaxing pleasantly while on a babymoon

Choose The Place of Vacation Wisely

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One of the essential things that should be researched well while planning a babymoon is whether the place of the vacation have access to good medical facilities or not. For this reason, the couples should always pre- book a hotel, resort or a homestay that is located near a hospital. As the babymoon is being undertaken to feel a sense of refreshment during the tiring yet elated phase of a woman’s life, it is necessary for her to take adequate rest besides focusing on travelling too. So, hotels, resorts or homestays with wide open green spaces or those located amidst stunning natural scenery would be a perfect destination for staying while on a babymoon. Moreover, it is a good idea to consider the reviews seriously while booking the place of accommodation for a babymoon. It is of utmost importance for the expectant mothers to check into a hotel with good quality furnishings as her health condition along with the unborn baby must remain fine. The ideal babymoon destinations are the ones that are located near the sea with ample beaches and quaint hill stations. A couple who are expecting their baby can also plan babymoon to places bedecked with abundant greenery and teeming with vivid flora and fauna.

Plan A Do and Don’t-Do List & Follow It Religiously

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A do and don’t do list of a babymoon should always be made in consultation with a doctor. It’s a good idea to cut down on travel time, since a pregnant body likely won’t do well on a trip that has three different layovers or a 10-hour car ride. If the babymoon is taken to a seaside destination, it is the best as lazy strolls along the beach can give one an infinite swelling of happiness by just gazing at the endless expanse of the majestic blue sea or ocean. The seaside walks will become more memorable and a highly amazing experience if one can gaze at the sunrise or sunsets that happens with an ethereal kind of glory besides water bodies. Meanwhile, the hill stations have the pretty waterfalls flowing at speed from a great height, the super fresh air and the misty cliffs to amaze the visuals of an expectant mother and make her happy. If the babymoon is taken to a place teeming with tea /coffee or any sort of plantations, a walk among these sources of lifegivers will also give a vibe of new energy and positivity to the would-be-moms. While going for a babymoon near a forest, a slow jeep ride among the wildlife sanctuaries or national parks and seeing the flock of deer or the bevy of lions can bring delight to expecting mamma. Historical places are also great for babymoon as gazing at the magnificent palaces or monuments and listening to the stories of its brave kings and queens from the tourist guides can enhance the knowledge of the would-be-mother and she could sleep happily dreaming off the long ago days and even satisfy her curious child in future with the amazing information that she would be gaining. Some relaxing spa sessions are also the best way to indulge while on a babymoon.However, if an expectant mother cannot stay away from indulging in adventurous activities, it is best for her to discuss with her doctor before daring to take the plunge head on.

Take Good Photos

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As babymoon is an extremely unique and a hard-to-come-by vacation, a good number of photo sessions at important places is certainly a must. With the most important gift of a lifetime given by God after much prayers, it is only apt that the moment of ethereal happiness can be celebrated in a beautiful location and it can be freeze into a tangible proof for a lifetime with a camera. A couple can hire photographers from the place they are vacationing for their babymoon for a remarkable maternity photoshoot session. However, they can also take snapshots of their happiest time together in a nice way.