Beautiful experiences that can only be found in train journeys

A train is a vehicle where a large number of persons travel everyday for various occupations in life. The Railways is one of the biggest industries in India which employs a lot of people. As a bus is a common form of public transportation used for daily commutation, a train also serves the same purpose in many areas of the country. While daily train journeys might not allow us the time or mood to savour the beautiful enriching experience that travelling via railway tracks generally brings, it is the long distance trip that brings alive that magical scenarios. When we undertake long train journeys and know of the lengthy hours that will lay bare before us, the wish for indulging in those pleasant experiences becomes high and later when the trip gets completed, it is stored away in a part of the brain as a wonderful memory for life. As neatness and discipline is synonymous with airport scenes, it is the noise and messiness that make train journeys more of a wholesome and meaningful experience to savour more in life. If you travel in a flight, there is no doubt that you will be able to save time greatly by reaching your destination very soon but it is the abundance of time at hand that makes way for some beautiful events to take taste off while you zig zag countryside alleys in a train to reach the finishing spot.

Some of the experience that are a part of every long train journey tale-

Getting exposed to dynamic views in technicolor format

Source : Culture Trip

The window seat of a train is no less entertaining than a TV screen. If you get to sit near the window of a train while travelling to your far away destination, you are the luckiest person in the world as you get to view a different scenery every few minutes you look out. While you decide to take a break from talking upon some interesting topic and peek outside, you might get to see an unending valley of greenery where cattle are grazing and then the next moment when you decide to take your head up from a book, you might find yourself surrounded by cheerful people moving about and chatting away in a bustling street of a town that you had seen or heard about but haven’t visited ever. Unlike the window seat of an aeroplane which only greets you with different peculiar shapes of clouds as you fly across the sky, the trains brings alive the sights and sounds of real life in a live cinematic format. The only bonus is that TV dramas might forcefully keep your sights glued to the TV screen but the real live literal animated pictures that the window seat of a train provides can be pursued at our own free will as per our moods.

Experience slow living for a definite time period

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With nothing special to do for the time when you spend journeying through villages, towns and cities by sitting in a particular compartment of a train, you do get a practical idea of how slow living looks like. As there is no timely routine to follow, a long distance train ride brings to your life an opportunity to do multigazing as per your likes till the time you step out into the real world and move on as is usual. From various types of sceneries to watch as our eyes continue to literally travel along with the chug-chug of the trains along the railway tracks to engaging in random conversations any time, life takes a different approach altogether in a train ride. Meanwhile, the good old recess period of eating and sleeping can be enjoyed slowly in a train. With no one to shout over our ears to eat fast, the taste of meals in a train can be analyzed bit by bit and sleeping away for the whole journey isn’t a crime although there might be some complaints from fellow passengers of laziness. But that doesn’t matter because after all, log to kuch kahenge?

Perfect opportunity to hook up with complete strangers and bargain hard with entrepreneurs

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Although some term long train journeys as ‘boring’, it can never be so in reality. When you have total strangers as your co-passengers in your compartment, you cannot sit the whole day without striking up a conversation with them, can we ? If you are a hardcore introvert, you still have to talk with your unknown co-passenger to decide when to sleep and arrange yourself properly to eat. It is not uncommon to hear of train passengers turning into good buddies just within few days. Train journeys are such magical period of this complex twisty life where a total stranger with whom we strike a conversation can soon become a good buddy with whom we can share a long distance relationship by endless talks through calls or messages on phones. Keeping fairytales aside, it is a fact that train journeys provides you a way to become smarter and improve your communication skills as you have to talk with your unknown co-passengers at one point of time. Another unique aspect of train journeys are sharpening your bargaining or debating skills with your creative instincts. As many entrepreneurs sell their wares by moving from one train to another, you can have your favourite things at lowest prices if you know the art of bargaining only.

Read away your favourite books

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If boring is a word that often crops up at times in your mind dictionary, you can prevent this adjective from describing your train rides by poring your head over your favourite books. As the train idly chugs away to its destination, you can literally travel to a different world altogether via your mind by reading your favourite novels throughout the journey. Train rides are a good time to find solace and thrill in fictional world too. The beauty of the real world as well as the scope of analyzing the fantasy of the fictional world is what makes long distance train journeys worthwhile

Get accustomed to variety of sounds and colours too besides spectacular sights

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While different views of sceneries are of course the unique feature that we get to enjoy during train journeys, we cannot leave out the varieties of sounds too that we can feel during train journeys. From lively varieties of calls of people and noise from vehicles at different railway stations and towns to the sounds of various birds, animals and insects in rural settings, the sounds along with the chug chug of the train that we get accustomed during the ride through rail tracks cannot be ignored. Besides colours of places and things, we even get to see the colour of different personalities of people in a train