Best bakeries in India you must try out once

best bakery in india

No matter how much we relish a hearty meal, there are certain aromas that still manage to keep us appetised even after a sophisticated experience of fine dining. And one particular aroma that is the ultimate nostalgia in the food spectrum is the wafting whiff of bakeries. There is a certain romance to bakeries, a kind of old world charm that translates easily into fantasy for us. There’s little on earth that compares to the heavenly, warm comfort emanating from bakeries. In their freshly baked cakes and fresh out of the oven cookies, hot scones and ice cream cones, breads and buns, pies and pastries, muffins and brownies, a trip to any bakery is a guaranteed landing in divine land. With assortments like these in store in every bakery you visit, it would be quite a task to pick out the best from among the many in India.

To keep you sorted therefore, we went ahead and rounded up the absolute best Indian bakeries you must try out at least once so that you can say you have truly lived the blessed life. Whether it be for the perfect foodie date or just a session of self treating and indulging, these iconic bakeries sure rank among the must visits of India-

Flurys, Kolkata

Operational since 1927, Flurys almost century long existence makes it among one of the iconic Indian bakeries. A very prominent presence in the City of Joy, Breakfast at Flurys is perhaps India’s realistic version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s! Cheerful interiors, alluring treats staring at you behind glass counters and the overall comforting vibe typical of bakeries is what makes Flury’s a must visit place in Kolkata.

And inspite of their bakery essence, this iconic place in India is also as famous for its breakfast menu. Whether you choose to sit and relax over some desserts or begin your day with the perfect breakfast, Flurys won’t disappoint you. And of course, there also are take away options which allows you to pack those delicious pastries and cookies back home.

Be it the fanciness of fudgy rum balls or the comfort of some crumbly cubed cake or most of all, the warmth of some humble milk bread, Flurys is a delightful confection that imbibes the old and the new. Flaky patties, buttery sandwiches, assorted breakfasts are all part of the menu too. Hand made delicacies that have stayed true in their loyalty of quality and the longingness of nostalgia grants Flurys the delicate upper hand in all of Kolkata’s bake junction. Even after decades and decades of existence, Flurys has not seen its wane even in the wake of numerous new and fancy bakeries. That’s because Flurys isn’t just a name, it’s also a legacy and more importantly an emotion marking Kolkata’s joy!

Karachi Bakery, Hyderabad

Karachi Bakery, Hyderabad
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Imagine a bakery to be so good that its products are instantly recognisable throughout the length and breadth of not just India but also the world! That’s the famous Karachi Bakery of Hyderabad, established long back in 1953. Karachi biscuits are an absolute favorite of most biscuit lovers throughout India. With a variety of flavours like fruit, chocolate, almond, chocolate nutty, pista, cashew et al, Karachi bakery dishes out some of the most amazing cookies you would ever taste. Another variant that it particularly specialises is one that is an ingrained element of the food scene in Hyderabad, the Osmania biscuits. Apart from cookies, the bakery is also known for its plum cake and it helps that they also have a variety of Indian mithais lined up on their goodies menu, quite uncharacteristic of bakeries.

Smith Field Bakery, Chennai

Smith Field Bakery, Chennai
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In the bakery business since 1885, Chennai’s Smith Field is a rather iconic name in the realm of baked goodies in India. A classic existence, that still relies on classic bakery stuff like buns and breads and biscuits, even with newer and fancier additions to the menu, Smith Field Bakery is a living tradition. In its no frills, humble existence, the bakery is quite reminiscient of those goodie stores we would excitedly visit with our parents as children. It evokes the nostalgia of those after shopping quick fixes of puffs and cakes, even as a couple of variety of cookies were bundled up home to make tea times more heavenly.

Heartwarming in the sheer wistful longing it evokes, this iconic bakery in Chennai is a favorite with the locals. Whether it be everyday snacking staples or grand celebrations, Smith Field serves it all straight out of the oven. From plain and soft tea cakes to sophisticated cheesecakes perfect for celebrations, Chennaiites have been treating their taste buds to Smith Field bakes of love and taste!

Wenger’s, Delhi

best bakery in india Wenger's, Delhi
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Missing out naming Wenger’s as the best bakery in India would have been nothing short of ‘injustice’, specially when Flury’s has already found way into the list. In our very own iteration, Wenger’s is to Delhi what Flury’s is to Kolkata. Because this prominent outlet in Connaught Place was established in 1926, just a year before Flury’s. Also both were started by Swiss couples and carry till this day the legacy of such tea stories that were more elaborate affairs than what it was the norm at that time.

Wenger’s however attempted to be thoroughly international right from the start. Swiss style patisserie and international snacks have been dominating the menu here, which of course has expanded to introduce variety in assortments. The spread is a lot more desi today even when sophisticated classics like chocolate Frankfurter rings and paninis or the more popular macarons continue to dominate proceedings. In its prominent heritage architecture style, Wenger’s is no less striking. In its grand, offbeat vision against the hustling life of CP, this bakery entices people with its looks as much as it does with its cookeries.

Kayani Bakery, Pune

Most famous for its melt in the mouth Shrewsberry biscuits, Pune’s Kayani Bakery also happens to be among the absolute best in India. In also its many other cookie varieties like peanut butter, ginger, coconut, cardamom and even wine, the place is an absolute delight what with the wafting smell of its fresh, divine bakes. Not a big fan of cookies? Worry not, there also is the irresistible mawa cake that Kayani bakes so much to moist perfection to leave you drooling! A favorite of the city since 1955, the place also dishes out other bakery staples like loaves and breads and buns at really nominal prices.

Glenary’s, Darjeeling

best bakery in india Glenary's, Darjeeling
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A bakery cafe cum restaurant has been gracing in the Darjeeling aura since colonial India, Glenary’s is really an iconic place in town. Glenary’s isn’t just another bakery in Darjeeling; in fact, it is a prominent landmark of the pretty hill station town. Famous for its breakfast and its very own Darjeeling tea among other things, this is among the finest eateries in Darjeeling.

Freshly baked cakes and muffins entrance you into a world of sheer pleasure and simplistic delight. Chocolates and pastries, coffee and croissant, bread and cheese, tarts and brownies, burgers and buns as well as pizzas and pies make for a delectable spread at Glenary’s. Perhaps the best thing about the cafe is that you get to enjoy some sinful fare while gazing at some really striking scenery. With the misty beauty of the mountains in tow, your desserty endeavour at Glenary’s becomes an otherworldly affair altogether- quite romantic and unforgettable even in its ephemeral nature. Glenary’s retains also the old world charm in its interiors, with a red colored telephone booth conveniently giving off nostalgic vibes of times gone by. This definitely is a bakery experience to cherish for everyone at least once in their life.

Albert Bakery, Bangalore

A 117 year old bakery that isn’t the fanciest for the perfect Instagram story, Bangalore’s Albert Bakery however is among the city’s treasures. Humble and unassuming, like most bakeries of the past, the place looks like your typical neighbourhood sweet shop selling all the regulars. However the taste you will encounter here is far from regular. With varieties like croissants, pastries, cakes, freshly baked bread, keema samosas and salty butter biscuits as its offering, the bakery has thrived over the years to build an identity of its own. Don’t be surprised therefore when you encounter such names as Macroon Cake, Choco Lava Cake, Banana Grape Cake, Brain Puff, quiches on its simple but salivating menu.

City Bakery, Mumbai

city bakery mumbai
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It’s rare to come across a bakery these days that still flaunt a chimney the traditional way. And that is exactly where Mumbai’s City Bakery scores with its play on nostalgia and the old world feels. An old presence in the modern city, the bakery dishes out the most sinful of goodies from the freshest of stuff explaining just why it is among the best in India.

Famous for its brun pao, City Bakery lines up a really extensive menu that has customers returning again and again to take taste of the variety on offer. There’s masala bread and there’s Baklava pie, there’s also a huge range of pastries and tea cakes to choose from. The assortment of snacks and biscuits are no less spectacular, with croissants and brownies catering to the needs outside the exclusively desi realm. City Bakery indeed has it all to make it Mumbai city’s heritage bakery!

Ellora’s, Dehradun

The charm of discovering a really famous bakery in a place as quaint, cool and calm as Dehradun in India already entices us to its inner reaches. And what makes Ellora’s in the city a double delight for enthusiasts of baked goodies is that there isn’t one but two namesake bakeries here! Located on the same road just a few steps from each other, both the old Ellora’s Bakers & Confectioneries and Ellora’s Melting Moments are dessert heavens.

Ellora’s has been in existence since 1953 and has since then quite baked up a reputation with its awesome goodies on offer. One of the oldest bakery shop in the town, this one is famous for its sticky sweet caramel bars or the sticky jaw toffees. Other equally delectable picks include plum cakes and fruit cakes and the famous Dehradun rusks as well as cookies and an underrated cheese sandwich that makes for a scrumptious treat. Also with an extensive variety of little treats listed on the menu which also is a winner in its prices, this is one bakery that is definitely a must try in India.