12 best beaches in India which makes the perfect spot to chill out

best beaches in India

For all beach persons out there, there’s nothing in the world that quite matches up to the euphoria of a day well spent on the glorious sands along the glistening waters. Whether you are just up for relaxation and some sun bathing or want to play along with the many water sports and activities in tow there, a beachy experience serves your spirits to the fullest.

Indeed, beaches happen to be that enticing- the beauty of the sun soaked sands, the cool of the expanseless waters by the side, the variegated hues of the shacks and the tropical greens of the coconut palms, the din of life and the glory of nature, very few places on earth can quite exhilarate your senses to the extent a detour to your favorite beach prepares you for. And when it’s only the best of the tropical world you seek to indulge yourself in, there’s little to not have you utterly spellbound. Check in on a dozen of the best beaches in India if you are a forever lover of ’em sands and shimmers-

Palolem Beach, Goa

Among the most idyllic of locations in a state characterised by its beaches- Goa’s Palolem Beach presents you with a beauty guaranteed to have you bewitched. With rows of coconut palms holding this picturesque stretch in close embrace, the Palolem Beach is a semi- circular presence that finds favor particularly with foreigners. The calm waters perfectly complement the somewhat diversified nightlife that characterise this exquisite white sandy presence.

Pretty offbeat in its ‘silent discos’ and also in witnessing peak tourist flow during the winter months from November to March, the Palolem beach is an unspoiled show of splendidness. Lively yet relaxed, Palolem also is famous for being a prominent site for dolphin spotting promising more than just a sun soaked, sandy ambience. Colorful wooden shacks and a surrounding island hold you further in awe at this waterside haven, which is definitely one of the best beaches of India.

Radhanagar, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

One of the best beaches not just in India but also in Asia is the Radhanagar beach of the Havelock Island in Andaman And Nicobar. Also the second of Asia’s longest beaches done up panoramically by its pristine blue waters and white sands with a captivating rainforest in the vicinity, the Radhanagar beach is scenic no doubt but it also does more than just its beauty- being one of the best spots you can go scuba diving in India.

Featuring an isolated coastline because of its somewhat remote location, the beach however is a haven of activities from sunbathing and fishing to surfing and sailing and even trekking to have you enthralled. Exotic also in its coral appeal and its romantic lure, this beach locally popular as Beach No.7 is worth all the footfall it commands. A perfect honeymoon destination as well, Radhanagar is an all encompassing wonder of glorious sunsets and equally gorgeous premises.

Gokarna Beach, Karnataka

Gokarna might be somewhat unconventional in its touristry appeal but even then the namesake beach that stems from Karnataka is sure one of the best waterside presences in India. In fact so marvelous is the Gokarna beach in its amassing beauty that it is quite often lauded as being at par with more popular Goan beaches. But the lesser known premises of Gokarna bode also well for its beauty, what with a lesser prevalence, Gokarna remains steeped unadulterated in its pristine seating and is therefore a very prominent premise among the best beaches of India.

Powdery white sands characterise the many magnificent beachy escapades in Gokarna, that remains far resplendent in natural wonders. From sighting the most stunning sunsets to deciphering the most soulful of serenity, a trek along the many pristine beaches that Gokarna houses will for sure endow you with unparalleled pleasure stemming from so much of natural abundance.

Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

A definite feature in the list of best beaches in India should be one of the many gems that the town of Pondicherry is blessed with. The picturesque Paradise Beach, also known as the Plage Paradiso, however is a relatively lesser known beach and therefore remains one of the calmer and cleaner among tourist attractions in the country. In its very name, the Paradise beach conjures up an image of pristine setting, and that is exactly what it delivers in its mind blowing physicality as well.

Glorious golden sands lead down to the sparkling waters lined with an array of palm trees making for a setting that is mesmerising in its beauty and soulful in the tranquility. Also bigger than many of the other beaches that abundantly dot this coastal town, the Paradise Beach is a heaven in hitherto obscurity. Well built shacks are easily spotted all over the beach making it a perfect getaway to while away an entire relaxing day in. Whether you want to just laze around or indulge in beach sports or jump in joy with some dolphin sightings, Paradise Beach will offer it all.

Varkala Beach, Kerala

There’s no beating the coastal land of Kerala when it comes to natural exuberance- be it in its many sparkling waters or shimmery sands. And Varkala beach is one exotic presence in the state that has everyone spellbind with its mesmerising expanse. One of the top ten seasonal beaches in the world, this spectacular presence in the southern part of India is the only place in southern Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea. With natural springs and water spouts in plenty on the sides of these geological monuments, the Varkala or Papanasham beach is also a site of wonder. Interestingly, the alias of this beach draws from its professed divine properties manifested through the waters of the natural spring.

Brown sands prominently stand out from this really incredible beach, that which is a tourist favorite residing in its indulgently relaxed yet vibrant vibes. If ever you are in Kerala, be sure to not miss out on this gem that remains prominent in its touristry as well as spiritual vibe.

Butterfly Beach, Goa

Imagine the exotic quotient of a beach complemented by the magical sight of a thousand fluttering butterflies! That’s exactly the sight you would be blessed with if you happen to amble along Goa’s namesake Butterfly Beach, which is no less than any fairyland. A beautiful semi circular presence at the northern end of the equally mesmerising Palolem Beach, the Butterfly beach is truly a natural haven.

Be it a bounty of butterflies, goldfishes and crabs or some delightful dolphin sightings, the beach remains one marked by happy vibes and exotic hues. And perhaps what makes this somewhat secluded beach a wonder of even greater magnificence is the many beautiful sunsets it witnesses everyday setting down on its sparkling water horizon. No wonder with such magnificent penchant in place, this impeccable coved Goan beach is famous also as the Honeymoon Beach!

Azhimala Beach, Kerala

Azhimala might be another of the many beaches that dot Kerala but in its quiet splendor it remains one of those rare places that needs to be a feature of the itinerary of every visit to Trivandrum. Just some few kilometers away from the world class appeal of Kovalam, the allure of Azhimala resides in its quaint, calm existence that renders it nothing short of a paradise. The setting is one that is undoubtedly idyllic, the vibe permeating through its serene prettiness speaks of solace and contentment, and in the expanse of almost nothingness would you encounter a peace so alluring that you would want to stay there forever. Of course there are coconut fringed shores that sit pretty daintily with the majestic Azhimala hill as the backdrop. There also is the Azhamala Shiva Temple nearby for you to seek spirituality in, intermingled with solace and tranquility.

Mandvi Beach, Gujarat

Mandvi beach is very apparently the sea shore wonder of Gujarat. A state known particularly for its nestling of the incredible Rann of Kutch, Gujarat encompasses a different world of magnificence in the Mandvi beach. A white sand beach that is overlooked by the remnants of the majestic Mandvi fort, the Mandvi beach comes across as a regal presence that has so much on offer for everyone.

In its soft sands, the Mandvi beach proves to be just the perfect spot to lie down and relax. While with aplenty adventure water sports avenues, the beach is as ideal a place for you to go on a adrenaline high. Also with a port status that it draws from its locational seating, the Mandvi beach also provides opportunities galore to explore the many ship building yards there. A laidback beach that also is quite offbeat in its camel ride avenues, the quiet ocean shore sure is a breathtaking discovery of beauty and splendor.

Maravanthe Beach, Karnataka

One of Karnataka’s most picturesque beaches, there’s more to Maravanthe than just meets the eye. In its beauty, this Karnataka beach and village harbors an identity that is as unique as its distinctive allure. What’s very spectacular about this particular place in the country is the wonderful confluence that comes to life at this paradise of prettiness. The roaring Arabian sea on one side and the calm Souparnika River on the other, the white sandy beaches of the Maravanthe isn’t just any amalgamation of beauty: it’s a treasure trove of wonder as well! A lesser explored destination but sure worthier than most hyped up ones.

Serenity Beach, Pondicherry

Serenity Beach, Pondicherry
Source: Flickr

Another pick from Pondicherry to grace the best beaches of India list is the Serenity beach. As popular a tourist site for its unmatched surfing opportunities as it is for its golden laced sands, the vibe of the beach still is one that resonates with its name. Sparkling sands and shimmering waters, serene and secluded, Serenity Beach has to be the most aptly named beach of its kind. (So typical of Pondicherry beaches, we suppose!)

The many palm trees that dot the sandy vicinity provide a luxurious expanse of shade where you can sit down and laze about with all that glorious beauty at play or cool down your heels after an invigorating session of surfing. Another of those exquisitely gorgeous havens that should take up space in your Pondicherry itinerary, the Serenity beach sure allows you the luxury of being serenaded along by its gentle wind that fans also its lining palm tress.

Madh Island Beach, Mumbai

Madh Island Beach, Mumbai
Source: Oyo

One of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai that presents a really exemplary sight specially when you compare it to its Juhu counterpart, Madh Island beach is one place to explore as a key lover’s point in Mumbai. Serene and less crowded, this is a good option to just walk around hand in hand with bae if you seek love in some peace and calm. A cluster of little villages and farmlands make up this idyllic beach that remains surrounded by mangroves. Whether it’s the sound of the sea that have you captivated or the immense beauty that you get to discover along as you explore its trail through the palm tree, this beach will definitely have you in awe as being one of the best beaches in India.

Mandarmani Beach, West Bengal

One of the longest driveable beaches you can stumble along in India, the Mandarmani beach is a double delight. Among also the cleanest as well as safest beaches in the country, what perhaps renders this sandy stretch near Kolkata more of its touristry appeal is its unhindered drive through appeal. It still remains less crowded though, thereby retaining also its solitudal charm. For a tranquil beach however, Mandarmani offers ample opportunities for adventure in its stunning confines. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore as well as the overall grandeur of this virgin beach, both in beauty and in buzz, makes Mandarmani a really exquisite retreat to seek solace in.