Best places to celebrate new year in India with a bang!

best places to celebrate new year in india

Halfway into December and Christmas bells are ringing, even as the chants of Happy New Year would be doing the rounds sometime soon. It’s customary to celebrate the new year because every new beginning indeed calls for some merrymaking and revelry. While partying options are aplenty, you need to have your best pick for the celebrations that is an exclusive once in a year occurrence. Here are the best places for you to indulge in the festivities and celebrate new year in India with an absolute bang-


Can there be a better party destination than Goa when you are in India? Swanky clubs, gorgeous beaches, a glittering night life and full on holiday vibes, the coastal state is the perfect place to celebrate- whether it be enjoying your bachelorette party or prepping for your destination wedding, as a honeymoon getaway or as the place to usher in a Happy New Year, Goa will reward you aplenty.

And it isn’t just the scenic beauty and cheery vibes of the place that make it one of the best places to celebrate New Year in India. Goa also plays host to the Sunburn Music Festival which is not just among the world’s top 10 festivals but is also as popular a New Year extravaganza. Every edition sees the largest music festival of Asia give a befitting farewell to the old year as the last few days of December come alive with unlimited music and fun, foods and drinks and the most enthusiastic crowds indulging in the revelry. Even otherwise, Goa has more than just a few ordinary things to offers- you can go all out hippy and happy or seek to unwind with some solace and spirituality in many of the places that Goa embraces in its diversive fold.


The IT hub of the country that remains in full zest all year round, Bangalore is yet another of the best places you can be in India to celebrate the New Year. With a really pleasant weather doing the city rounds at this time of the year and a huge number of places to hang out in, Bangalore serves all celebrations the best it can. Be it open spaces or green parks, pubs or cafes, entertainment hubs or luxurious escapades, you would be spoilt for choice in this buzzing city in the country. Also with a large youth presence and a general spirited vibe characterising the city life, New Years in Bangalore are a guaranteed celebration of fun and life, replete with warmth and cheer and devoid of even a single dull moment dampening the year round festivities.


In hindsight, Pondicherry might appeal to you as a quaint, calm place where you would rather lay back and relax rather than party like crazy. But over the years this very prominent influencee of all things French has also evolved to emerge as one of the best places to celebrate the dawn of the New Year in India. Like Goa, Pondicherry also has more than ample beaches that lets you usher in the new beginning in full cool glory.

While bonfires and dancing the night away on the beach makes for a relaxing year end getaway, you can also decide to seek recourse in adventure for a thrilling start to the year. In its reputation as being one of the best places to go skydiving in India, you can also discover the thrill in the sky in Pondicherry to make your new year celebrations an offbeat happening affair. Also with really cheap alcohol on offer, Pondicherry is definitely the best place to booze away the last night of the outgoing year and welcome the new one on a high!

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

What better way to celebrate new beginnings and the New Year than in a place that is a bounty of nature’s most exquisite beauty? Sure this is another beachy feature on the list but when there’s so much grandeur on offer, no one’s complaining. If you want to start your new year in the brightest, prettiest way possible, then the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the perfect destination for you to indulge your fantasies in.

The clearest of waters and the bluest of skies make the bright, sunny ambiance such a pleasant fixture that you would just want to while away your time there forever. Also beach parties are a really grand and fun occurrence as also is exploring the pretty greens and the luxurious sands and lazing about with pristinity ruling it large. For a blissful start to the New Year, this luxurious haven of prettiness definitely makes it count with its exotic abundance.


Among the many royal cities of Rajasthan, Udaipur or the City of Lakes is one such place that has a aura of its own. Christened the Kashmir of Rajasthan due to its breathtaking natural beauty and its equally stunning exhibits of royalty, Udaipur is the perfect destination to celebrate New Year in India if you want your coming days to be exuberant with the luxury of all things regal.

Whether it be partaking of the many grand events that characterise life in this part of the country or seeking out the extravagance of its many palaces and forts or the tranquility of its many sparkling waters, Udaipur will exceed your expectations every time you are there. Needless to say, ushering in the New Year in a city that is replete with all the opulence of the era gone by is going to be an altogether different experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.


The spiritual city of India that sets temple bells ringing all along with its very mention, how possibly can Varanasi be the perfect New Year detour, you ask? It indeed is though if you are someone who prefer their own celebrations to get into the frenzy of the New Year’s Eve. If you want to start the first day of the new year by forging a more spiritual connection, then Varanasi is just the place for you. You would want to seek blessings at the many holy places in town or simply seek peace in the calming mystics of the environment, or you may prefer to keep it low key excited with a round of the many amazing street food of the city. Either way, Varanasi has more than just a few tricks up its spiritual sleeve to keep you hooked throughout the year.


There’s no place better than the capital Delhi when it comes to being the best of places to celebrate New Year in India. The city of dilwalos, Delhi is one of the most vibrant cities you will encounter anywhere in the face of the world. The city is an amalgamation of cultures and aesthetics, of happy vibes and spirited cheer, of myriad influences and diverse yet inclusive elements that make it a totally rocking place to be in. Whether it be getting romantic with bae or hanging out with friends, raising a toast to getting hitched or saying cheers to all the good times, the charm of Delhi is an experience unparalleled.

It perhaps helps that the winters in Delhi are such a freezing affair that gearing up to the warmth of ushering in newer beginnings provide just the perfect respite for the drastic dip in temperatures. Anyway known for its hearty zest for life and for being the perfect encompassing entity of unity in diversity, New Year celebrations in Delhi are everything you would ever want. From the most happening of year end parties to the most frenzied new year outings, from fun and food to drinks and music, you can party the way that suits you best for a year that brings hopefully the best for you!


As a tourist destination celebrated for its scenic landscape and its glorious snow, Manali might sound like cliche to some. Yet when you need to celebrate New Year in India, there are only few places like Manali that match up to the surreal expanse of pristine whiteness that has only charm looming over its distant horizons. A haven for adventure enthusiasts and nature revelers alike, Manali is also as effective a party destination, albeit in its own offbeat lure.

Winters are anyway the best time to visit Manali in all its white flaky abundance and when it’s also New Year beckoning you don’t really need any more reason to venture to this among the coldest places in the country. Whether it be satiating that adrenaline rush with a host of adventure sports like skiing and trekking or letting your eyes and soul feast on that heavenly sheet of pristine whiteness that takes prominence all over, a new beginning in Manali is indeed a treat for the senses. Whether you choose to camp under the starry sky or cuddle up with some warm coffee, the dawn of the New Year is nowhere as beautiful an experience to cherish than in Manali.


Imaging waking up to the first day of the new year on a houseboat nestled in an environment so soothing that immediately brings peace to your entire existence! That’s what every experience in the magical Kerala place of Alleppey would feel like- an existence so enriching that every new day would seem like the dawn of a new year. Naturally then, Alleppey is indeed one of the best places you can venture to this year if you want to celebrate this New Year somewhere in India.

Famous for its backwaters and its verdant greenery, this Venice of the East will also ensure that your New Year plans need not burn a hole in your pocket. One of the cheapest places to travel to in India, everything about Alleppey is so simple yet so worthwhile that beckoning in the midnight celebrations on 31st December here is one of those life indulgences that would have you completely enchanted by. If you want to begin the New Year on a fresh note, with nothing but peace and contentment bringing in the perfect happy vibes to your life, then think no further and amble along to Alleppey and immerse yourself its overwhelming allure!


A forever favorite among travel enthusiasts, Gangtok is as perfect a destination to while away the last days of the year and usher in a new one. A snow haven that sees white expanses do up its ample beauty and charm, ringing in the new year in this north eastern part of the country isn’t just exhilarating, it’s also liberating. Perhaps because in all its evidently touristry appeal this pristine place seeks to fall prey to way too much human activities which is why a laidback start to the new year in its very exquisite confines is just the perfect ode to its enchanting beauty. Of course you can still celebrate in pubs and hotels but for a very enriching feel of the new beginnings, you can always seek solace in the many monasteries and pilgrimage sites dotting the town.


Because you won’t associate celebrations with something very calm and serene is perhaps the reason why Coorg has not strike bell yet in out party savvy mind. But for folks who know the essence of happiness and positivity lies in solitude and nature, Coorg is a very worthy pick among the best places to celebrate New Year in India. Known for its lush coffee plantations nestled amidst the most picturesque terrains of nature, this Karnataka hamlet is a perfect detour for die hard caffeiners who can’t think life without their daily dose of the powerful red berries.

Celebrated as the Scotland of India for its ample natural beauty and charm, a new year spent in the tranquil settings of the green fields and the cascading waters of Coorg should be more than enough motivation for you to tide over the worries of life as you trudge through yet another span of existence in anticipation of a better and brighter Happy New Year!