Best time to visit Dooars for the perfect intoxicating experience of a lifetime

best time to visit Dooars

There’s not too many places on earth that harbour an intoxication as intense as the tea clad environs of the north eastern Indian floodplains of the Dooars. A nature’s paradise, one that comes with the robust aroma of tea and the unbounding expanse of eye pleasing, soul soothing greenery, Dooars is understandably pristine- being the gateway to the shangri- la nation of Bhutan. With the Himalayas at the backdrop, the lush green of the teas and the foilage of the dense forests conjure up a postcard image of an abundance of natural glory. Be it in its flora or fauna, romance or mystery, monsoons or springs, and abundance of beautiful horizons or adventurous pursuits, Dooars entice one and all into its magnificent fold with its stunning manifestations.

With such beauty and splendor doing up its extensive expanse, every time can indeed be the best time to visit Dooars. Be it the magical monsoons or the simmering summers, the sprightly springs or the wonderful winters, Dooars remain the heaven that it always is. In being a hilly haven and a floodplain all at once, Dooars dwells in a charm that does up the best of both worlds all at once.

Best time to visit Dooars

The best time to be in any place depends on the type of experience your soul wants to soak in to weave memories for a lifetime. Not any different is the ideal time to visit Dooars as well, with each season resplendent in its own unique charm that seeks to make your every moment in this heavenly landscape a worthy indulgence for the spirits.

Dooars in Summer (March – June)

Being a hilly region, summers in Dooars tend to be not too much of an extravagant affair. Which means that even with temperatures hovering between some 20 to 30°C, the months of March to June still does not get very overpowering. Mild and pleasant, Dooars remains ambiently accessible even in the hottest of its days which has it finding favor with the tourists. While you would likely not witness the lushest of greens and the most exotic of grasslands, summers sure is more favorable a time for spotting the exotic wildlife of the region.

Dooars in Monsoon (July – September)

best time to visit dooars in the monsoon
Source: Travel Journal

After the bright days of summer, monsoon starts setting in the Dooars valley from sometime around June itself and extends well upto the days of September. With the rains pouring in full bouts, there is no second opinion of what you can expect at this time of the year.

While sightseeing is not the most convenient of activities to do during the rainy season what will all that incessant downpours, Dooars remain relatively blessed even during the peak rains unlike many touristry places across the country. The region remains accessible even amidst the continuous pourings which makes it quite the place to venture into as a romantic escapade. With optimal rainfall, Dooars turns into an even greener paradise- one that nurtures the romance of the mistiness as well as the penchant for the verdancy that does up the entire expanse. Needless to say, monsoons can be the best time to visit Dooars for all those who are looking form some really serene moments far from the hustle and bustle of the teeming crowd.

But in its idyllic settings, the rains also put almost a halt to happenings in and around the region. With sanctuaries closing down for the breeding season and the rains making roaming about virtually improbable, Dooars isn’t the best place to be in during the monsoons if you are seriously up for exploring as much of the place as possible. Nature enthusiasts and pluviophiles however will likely think of the rainy season as their best bet of exploring Dooars in its full glory.

Dooars in Winter (October – February)

Once the monsoon sets off, Dooars comes to life in all its glory. Not just in its natural exuberance and pleasant ambience, the valley turns into a vibrant escapade with tourists flocking to this verdant landscape. The best time to visit Dooars irrespective of what you are looking for is indeed the months from October when winter starts setting in till February till the chill lingers along.

The pleasant weather in Dooars during winter makes it a very preferred tourist destination even as the natural bounty and the host of prominent sites take on a new look altogether. Serving your sightseeing interests to the core is the winters of Dooars when the rains cease to be and the temperature remains more or less bearable. Exploring the sanctuaries and embarking on safaris, ambling along the lush expanse and marveling at the blues and greens, letting your soul soak in all the rich hues and unadulterated beauty of the place- there is no aspect of Dooars that is not done further up by the colder months.

Dooars also harbours however a different allure altogether in its wintry appeal. There is a certain carnival vibe palpable in the air during this time, what with festivals and adventurous activities taking centerstage. The Teesta Tea and Tourism Fest is held every winter that explores two of the most significant aspects of Dooars, namely tea and tourism. Also with adventurous activities and water sports like rafting and paragliding et al in tow, the place comes alive with all of the exuberance and vibrancy, the mystique and the mesmerising to make Dooars an all encompassing wonderland.