Best time to visit Manali for snowfall and wanderlust


A premier holiday destination in India’s northern state of Himachal Pradesh is the famed resort town Manali. Known for its pristine beauty and picturesque terrains, the hill station is one of the most enticing beauties that sure fascinates you with its romance and the adventure even when nestled in calmness.

Obviously as a hill station, Manali has a particularly cold climate and boasts a pleasant weather all throughout the year. For innumerable tourists seeking respite from the scorching summer heat that is very much a staple in many parts of India, Manali is just the perfect getaway. Snow capped peaks, blossoming flower beauties, scores of hued dainty fauna and a thrill of romaticism pervades every nook and corner of the heaven that Manali is.

However, a trip to Manali tends to be more worthier on certain seasons than others. Whether it be taking in the glory of the delicately sun kissed snowy peaks or reveling in the intrigue of its mystique appeal, Manali can enthrall and satiate you to your soul. The perfect season to visit Manali would vary depending on what you want to witness, for instance the best time to visit Manali for snowfall would obviously be winter.

Spring (March, April)

If you are one of those weary souls who seek a revival of sorts by delighting about in splashes of pattern of exotic butterflies or in the bright rosiness of juicy apples and even in the freshly sprouting leaves and buds, then Manali will sweep you off your feet with its spring fiesta in a way you wouldn’t have ever reckoned of.

True, Manali is more about its snow and charm, but its beauty also dons an irresistible trove of simple treasures. During the months of March and April or even extending to mid- May, Manali is blissful and gorgeous. The onset of spring transforms the valley into a soulful tinge of hued cherry blossom blush. Romance pervades the air and all you need is a whiff of the Manali cheer to enjoy your perfect vacation. Needless to say, tourist inflow is also at the peak at this time of the year.

Summer (May, June)

Summer in Manali is spectacular. Maybe a bit dampened down in the aesthetics of the place when you compare it with the cheerful spring lustre. Bright summers that sure make you feel like the world is a happy place, that too without the unbearable scaling temperature, characterise the months of May and June in Manali.

The best thing about Manali summers is the spirit of adventure palpable in the very environs of the place. Summers here are just the perfect setting for trying out things that does up the adrenaline rush. Be it paragliding or river rafting, mountainous sports like rock climbing or trekking and even zorbing, this otherwise laid back place comes alive with every thrill possible of escapade. What’s more, all of the excitement is further stimulated by the pleasing Manali view.

Monsoon (July, August and sometimes early September)

After the bliss of the summers, Manali starts getting a bit drenched in dreariness. Heavy rainfalls and often incessant downpours seek to rob the place of much of its beauty and ease. Landslides turn out to be a major cause of concern, blocking roads and cutting off passages. Travelling is a hurdle which explains the almost negligible footfall the town experiences during these couple of months.

However the flip of weather aside, Manali beckons with an old world appeal even in the drizzly streaks of beauty. The silver clouds hovering about the endless expanse of mountainous peaks in its floating glory is a sight to behold. No wonder nature never fails to impress even when fatigued eyes aren’t there to partake of all that beauty.

Autumn (September, October)

The rustling of crisp leaves underneath your feet as you ramble along spellbound by the sight of a few multi colored ones on the tree tops has to be an emotion that spells enigma out and about. And Manali, with its stupendous reservoir of hues and figments of mystery, is one of those places where autumn is a pretty bride, coy and blushy, yet somewhat gloomy.

Manali in September and October is resplendent in its glaze of an anticipation even in doom. The roads look stunning, bordered with red and golden yellow leaved magnificent Devdhar trees, the last glistening rays of the sun seeking to make their impact felt one last time.

The skies shine in a radiant blue tone, the waters beneath a sparkling clear mirror and Manali is besotted with its earthy aura and golden glow. Blissful realisations, pristine lay overs and irresistibly calm souls- that’s what autumns in Manali are made for.

Winter (October – early March)

Winters are probably the most raved about enchantment of Manali. From starting to set in since October to intensified cold waves in the months of December and January to finally fading away sometime in late February or early March, winters in Manali are mystical, splendid and an all encompassing emotion in itself.

Winters are the best time to visit manali for snowfall. In those days when the cold nip rules the air and the weather is particularly dreary, the entire town is scarved by a mesmerising blanket of snowy magic. The white flakes of desire settle on everything from the grounds and lakes to the naked trees and the colorful roof tops and Manali transforms from a quaint dainty lady to an enticing secretive damsel. Even apple orchards dwell on the pristinity of the whites rather than the lusciousness of the reds to invite tourists into appreciation.

Winter sports like skiing and skate boarding or slope sledging and even ice climbing and gondola riding open up new avenues of fun and adventure. Even as all the thrill tends to wane away as the day fades on, the wintery nights of Manali never fails to intoxicate and sure leaves you gasping in awe at just the dreamy aura this place can inspire with its spellbinding sheets of ice and snow.