Best travel blogs in India 2020

best travel blogs india 2020

The passionate indulgence in all things spirited that travelling is, travel tales make for some of the most fascinating reads ever. There isn’t anything that compares to the joy of discovering a well elocuted travel blog, replete of course with stunning visuals and interesting anecdotes thrown in a bit here and there to make it more of a personal experience. And it isn’t just the ecstasy; in the times of today, travel blogs also help immensely in guiding us through our own expediting ventures!

Whatever might be the purpose that shapes up travel blogs and also what drives followers unto them, it’s undeniable that they are one very prominent presence in the digital realm at present. Whether it be making careers out of them or taking to blogging in pure whim, bloggers go about their tasks rather diligently. While numerous such travel blogs abound, there are still some few that makes it matter more than the rest. Call it vibing digitally or nurture it as sheer attraction, some blogs naturally entice us just a bit more. Here’s touring through some travel blogs of India who we believe are at least a tad better than the others-

Travel With Lakshmi

Awarded India’s Best Travel Blog way back in 2008, Travel With Lakshmi by well known media personality Lakshmi Sharath is one of the most popular in India. For a decade and a half now, Sharath has been the most beloved travel blogger in the country as she encapsulates her amazing travel journey through words and captures for a really refreshing perspective of the world.

Travelling and writing being her two utmost passions in life, Sharath discovers regularly the dual joy of indulging in both through Travel With Lakshmi.A standout feature of Sharath’s travel stories isn’t just luxe destinations or captivating charms of the quaint world but a mix of experiences and persons. From documenting places within places to delving into the many a unconventional personalities she comes across in her journey, Lakshmi ensures that a travel experience with her ends up being a wonderful life realisation. Be it a personal perspective on the beauty of the world or retelling the many empirical travel tales, every Travel With Lakshmi experience opens up a world of infinite possibilities. With also some of the most captivating pictures up on display, Travel With Lakshmi inevitably does what travel blogs should do- entice others to go and explore the world!


A travel photographer by profession whose travelling passion further fuels his pursuits through the lenses, Ajay Sood is one of India’s most popular travel blogger. Blogging his experiences as a melange of scripts and snaps, Sood shaped up his travel blog Travelure that is a delight to uncover in its variety.

Winner of India’s biggest blogging contest – GrabYourDream, 2019 Earthys Winner for Best Travel Short Story, 2018 Winner of Photoblogger of the Year, 2016 Winner of OSM Shutterbug of the Year, and Grand Winner of NatGeoTraveller’s Photo Essay Contest, Travelure’s Instagram presence is even more aesthetic a scattering of sights.

Also awarded the 2018 Photoblogger of the Year by Gujarat Tourism and ICIT and the OSM Shutterbug of the Year 2016 by Outlook Magazine, Travelure has truly established its dominion as a world class presence. Himself a Getty photographer and a TBEX speaker, Sood has made it big with Travelure in just 5 years of its inception.

The Shooting Star

With a blog as decorated as The Shooting Star under her expert wings, it’s no surprise that Shivya Nath is among the best when it comes to India’s travel bloggers. Featured on leading publications and channels like The Washington Post, BBC Travel, National Geographic Traveller India, TedX, The Huffington Post, The Times of India, NDTV aand Responsible Travel, The Shooting Star has also won the Best Communicator (gold) in the 2020 WTM Responsible Tourism Awards India.

Also named the ‘Best Travel Blogger’ at the 2013 Indian Blogger Awards and awarded at the TBC Asia Awards 2018 for Best writing in a blog (silver), Shivya’s curated travel tales stem from her such forays that are offbeat, genuine and inspiring. With a focus on responsible travel, under-the-radar destinations, veganism and sustainability, Nath travels slow and solo, in a bid to also inspire others to explore more of the beauty that the world nurtures.


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One of the oft encountered names in the travel blogging scenario of India is Inditales. Embarking on its fascinating journey along the paths and ways of the world in 2004, this multiple award winning blog is manned by avid traveler Anuradha Goyal. Recipient of the 2014 Digital Innovation Award and the 2015 best digital content award at Digital Women Awards, IndiTales has also been nominated by Outlook Traveller in the best travel blog category.

With an eclectic mix of such content that deviates between the desi charms and the bidesi elegance along its wide array of features, IndiTales has been curating rich cultures, esteemed legacies, adventurous histories and a lot more diversive facets of the world through its range of travel tales. From places to not miss out on to tips to make your every journey truly worthwhile, IndiTales has it all to emerge as one of India’s best travel blogs of 2020.

Travel See Write

A travel blog with a difference, Travel See Write is travel journalist Archana Singh’s take on the tales of the world. Also a brand management expert, a photographer and a public speaker, while Singh’s blog and Instagram handle is a definite route to set anyone off on wanderlust mode, there is more to Travel See Write than the mere appeal of a world tour.

As part of her travel tales, Singh curates not just her own experiences of discovering and jet setting. Rather she also puts up such informative writeups on her site that goes beyond the pleasures of travelling to concentrate also on sustainability and security. From seeking to help with trip planning to providing detailed insight into the myriad ways of the world, Travel See Write shapes up distinctly as one of India’s top travel blogs.

It helps also that Archana is a regular speaker at such prestigious global conferences like WTM ATM, HTM, PATA, TBC-ASIA, ATWS, TBEX, Photo tourism Conference & Awards, and IAMAI that which helps her to channel her diverse understanding of the world through a platform that caters to hundreds and thousands of her avid followers.

My Travel Diary

A curious girl Parnashree Devi’s travel blog My Travel Diary entices at its very first glance with its premise of mind boggling travel shots. Indeed as a photo editor professional herself, Devi knows just how to put up the Insta worthy pics right to entice fellow wanderlusters like her. Forever fetished with the dynamics of travel, the girl from Nagaon in Assam has come a really long way since discovering her true calling more than a decade ago. Awarded the Best Blogger 2020 by SATTE and named among the Superwomen of 2018 by Social Samosa as well as the Local Favorite in 2015 by Culture Trip, Parnashree now travels on invites from prestigious Tourism Boards, Luxury Travel Companies and Ultra Luxury Properties around the world.

In a round the world voyage ever since that has seen Parnashree cover 600 cities across 12 countries in 2 continents, My Travel Diary documents her forays into offbeat and popular destinations with a finesse that will immediately have you hooked into exploring such travel trails for yourself. A lively enchantment of colors and a mesmerising narration of some of her epic travel tales is what makes Parnashree’s blog one of the absolute best in India.

The Wireless Wanderer

Starting off as a blog that was aimed to let also his mother take a virtual tour of his travel destinations, The Wireless Wanderer Arnab Maity might not have embarked on the blogging journey as the realisation of a passion. But the penchant with which he has continued this route into the future makes you realise at once the passion he harbours in his heart as a wanderer of the world.

Beyond deciphering the wonders of the world and its unparalleled beauty, Arnab is as much a sucker for discovering variety in cultures and life in people. As a travel blogger, Maity has featured on Lonely Planet three times that is in part a drawing from his amazing photography skills on ample display in his blog. One of his captures also made it to the cover of World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) calendar for 2013, preparing you therefore for a range of exotic shots of visual surreality waiting to lure you to go travel the world the moment you land on The Wireless Wanderer. Scouting through the conveniently eked out sections of budget travel, luxury travel, photography, tourist trails et al is sure to persuade you to set out on your next travel journey ASAP!