Best Travel Magazines for the Indian Traveler

Travel Magazines
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Travel Magazines have always been one of those fascinating essentials while you plan to travel anywhere or to discover new places to explore or just to kill boredom by reading.

Today there are a number of travel magazines to guide us. Guiding us with the help of the world’s best scientists, photographers, journalists and filmmakers. Quizzes and photos which not only entertain us but also leads us to think and also expand our horizons of knowledge.

Here are a list of the top travel magazines in India:

Outlook Traveller

outlook magazine
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Outlook Traveller is India’s No.1 travel magazine.  Recognized mainly for its quirky, stylish, and elegant reading. The contributors travel and explore far, wide, and deep to bring out the fabulous and honest tales for readers.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet
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Lonely Planet India written by Indian authors, provides authentic and independent information especially based on Indian Travellers needs and comfort. The magazine ensures a better & easy travel planning as well as a memorable and unique travel experience.

National Geographic Traveller

National Geographic Traveller
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National Geographic Traveller is one of the world most famous travel magazines with headquarters at Washington DC. Since 1888 they have been continuously aiming to explore and protect the planet. Focusing mainly on protecting wildlife, oceans, and the cultural heritage around the world.

Conde Nast Traveller

Conde Nast Traveller
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Providing  information about the latest luxury travel ideas. It is renowned for its highest quality content for the world’s most influential audience. The company has some of the most iconic titles in media.