10 best virtual travelling destinations in the world

Virtual Traveling

Are you sitting idle at home, waiting to travel to your favourite destination? Well, you no longer need expensive air tickets or a tiring journey to do so. Take this pandemic as an excuse to travel the world not by crossing the borders but with a simple tap on your screens.

Large gathering or travelling abroad is quite difficult in these unprecedented times, but thanks to digital augmentation you can still visit your favourite destinations. Lately, virtual travelling has gained immense popularity. From VR sightseeing to VR scuba diving, you have the privilege to travel anywhere around and beyond the world lying on the bed in your pajamas.

Here is the list of top 10 virtual travelling destinations you don’t want to miss out on. Let’s dive in to the adventure.

Virtual Reality (VR) Scuba Diving

National Geographic, GoPro and National Marine Sanctuaries have come to your rescue. The 360 degree videos provided by them offer you a chance to swim and meet marine animals as well as coral reefs. All you need is a VR headset and you are ready to explore the endless deep seas. From the Whales in Antarctica to the coral reefs in Indonesia you will be given an advanced tour of the life beneath land just through a click. Diving with the marine animals in the deep blue sea is an adventure worth experiencing.

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We have grown up reading about Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climb the Mt. Everest. But now it’s possible for us to have a similar experience. You can find an interactive 360 degree view of Mt Everest on Google Maps and explore the highest peak of the world on your own. A YouTube VR video is also available for you to witness the peaks of the Everest by flying on a helicopter.  

Chilling On a Beach

Spending your leisure time at the beach is such a mood changer. But what if you get an opportunity to experience the same in Brazil? Kayak has provided the virtual travel tour which gives you the freedom to explore Rio de Janeiro and chill at the Copacabana Beach. The VR experience shows us the whole city from an Ariel view. Chilling on the beaches of Brazil on a lazy Sunday is indeed one of the best vacay you could ask for. 

Virtual Reality (VR) National Park

The National Trust of UK has initiated a virtual tour which includes the Giant’s Causeway and the flower beds of Hidcote House. There are a lot of beautiful site available for tour online. If you want to visit a national park sitting on your couch there are 360 degree videos by Google earth which shows the national parks of US. Some famous ones’ include Yellowstone, Everglades and the Grand Canyon.

Virtual Skiing in Canada

For all the adventure sport fans here is an opportunity to go on a virtual skiing trip to Canada. This virtual travel experience is something you would not like to miss out. There is a 360 degree virtual tour video on YouTube where you witness and enjoy skiing on the snow covered Canadian Rockies.

The Grand Canyon Tour

Not a single penny is required to have a tour of the Grand Canyon. Google Street View Trek has a 3D virtual tour of this renowned place. Now your weekend gateways could be in your screen from the Colorado River. A 360 degree view of the red rock can be visible from every nook and corner.

Virtual Hotel Experience

Living in the four walls of your house for months in a stretch needs a break and to end this monotony you can experience the luxury of living in a hotel through virtual reality. Some of the famous luxury hotels are offering yoga, cookery, live music through 360 degree tours. This experience will provide you with an extraordinary adventure worth living. On top of that anything seems better when it’s free.

Virtual Theatre Performances

Virtual transportation to a particular location is all you need to watch plays. Some of the classic Shakespearean plays are available on the London Globe theatre’s website. You can also watch opera and ballet performances in the website of The Royal Opera House. Name the place and you can be transported there even for a short period of time.

Virtual Volcanoes

Can you imagine yourself standing just few meters away from the world’s most active volcano? You no longer need to imagine but actually be present in front of it. YouTube has an interactive virtual video that provides you with this experience along with few famous adventurers and volcanologist.

Look at the Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is now just a blink away thanks to the Niagara Falls Tourism website which has enabled a VR travel experience of the place. It offers you a 360 degree helicopter ride, tour, and a virtual trip behind the falls.

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Virtual reality is the new cool. These travelling adventures will give you a firsthand experience of the global village just sitting at your chair.