Must visit places in the Blue City of India: Jodhpur

blue city of india jodhpur

The royal state of Rajasthan has so much of grandeur inhibiting its every nook and corner that hardly will you find a city that comes devoid of this wealthy amassment of legacy. One such utterly magnificent place that takes pride in being the blue city of India is Jodhpur. The very royal city remains steeped with such specimens of art and architecture, culture and heritage that are indeed a treasure trove of wonders to behold in all the exquisiteness. Be it in its many historic forts or magnificent palaces, its stunning lakes or quaint towns, Jodhpur is the detour to luxurious royalty. Here’s a sneak peek into the must visit historical places in the city famed as the blue city of the country-

The Palaces

Umaid Bhawan Palace

The best hotel in the world and one witness to the grand Nickyanka wedding, a visit to the Umaid Bhawan Palace should be a definite feature of your Jodhpur itinerary. Also the world’s largest private residence, this magnificent 347 roomed specimen of Rajasthani heritage plays host to the royal family of Jodhpur while also being a part hotel and a part museum. Sprawling, luxurious and every bit regal, this place in the blue city of India sure remains resplendent in all the blue blood it has spawned ever since it was built in 1943.

Sheesh Mahal

Literally translating as the Palace of Mirrors and every bit as enticing as it sounds, Jodhpur’s famed Sheesh Mahal is really a haven dotted by sparkling mirror work. A fine display of grandeur in its extensive show of brightly painted religious impressions cast in mirror, the entire palace is seething in that glitz and sheen right from its floor to the ceiling. Located within another equally prominent tourist attraction- the Mehrangarg Fort, the Sheesh Mahal is a marvellous structure truly worthy of royalty.

Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal is another of the ‘palace rooms’ that has its place inside the Mehrangar Fort. Like its counterpart the Sheesh Mahal, this Palace of Pearls is also as majestic and glitzy an affair. With its colored window glasses and ornated golden ceiling, this particular room houses also the Maharaja’s throne and is easily the most impressive of all the other extravagances dotting the historic fort in the Blue City of India.

Phool Mahal

The Mehrangarh Fort is home also to the Phool Mahal or the Palace of Flowers- the pleasure dome of the Maharajas of yore. Gilded walls, pillars and ceilings and a shape that was supposed to be a flower, it’s quite evident why this particular mahal should have been the pleasure dome. Extravagant and exclusive, the Phool Mahal will entice you to no end with its lavish elegance.

Rai ka Baag Palace

Source: Districts of Rajasthan

The oldest attraction of the Blue City of India is the very artistically resplendent Rai ka Baag Palace. Shaped as an octagon, this bungalow palace is one of the most visited places in Jodhpur owing to its exquisite beauty. The Rai ka Baag haweli is definitely an unmissable attraction and one that will have you taken aback in all its glory.

The forts

Mehrangarh Fort

Whether you visit it for the sheer range of diversity it encompasses or for the mere magnificence of it, Jodhpur’s historic Mehrangarh Fort will not let you leave disappointed. Sitting gallantly atop a 410 feet elevated hill, the very prominent fort remains guarded by high walls with all its invincibility intact. Bestowed with the rich legacy and history of the Blue City, this is one of those places in India that attract tourists with its iconic stature. The majestic architectural manifestation of red sandstone now houses a museum that remains well stocked with historic artefacts.

The Mehrangarh Fort also plays host to some really remarkable events including music festivals Rajasthan International Folk Festival and the World Sufi Spirit Festival while also being the site where iconic films like The Jungle Book and The Dark Knight Rises were filmed. You should totally not miss out on this very touristry place in Jodhpur if you want to savour diverse pieces of history and culture.

Phalodi fort

Another historical specimen that remains steeped in the culture and legacy of the Blue City of India is the Phalodi Fort. Nestled within its namesake town of Phalodi, the majesty of this imposing structure strikes you the moment you catch a glimpse of its sprawling expanse, replete with fine manifestations of architectural and artistic superiority. Exploring the Phalodi village as well as the magnificent fort conjures up images of the exclusivity that the land of the royals should be bestowed with.

Nagaur fort

Like Phalodi, Nagaur is also a town and a fort all in one. Encompassing the marvels that the Blue City remains steeped in, the Nagaur Fort or the Ahichhatragarh Fort opens the doors of another world of wonder. Be it the Hadi Rani Mahal or the Deepak Mahal, the Abha Mahal or the Akbari Mahal, this indeed is a fort guarding the many gorgeous mahals! Also a part luxury hotel, the Nagaur fort might be missing out from the standard Jodhpur itinerary but if you want to delve in the glory of the lesser explored, then this fort is the place for you to step into.

Khejarla Fort

Source: Tour My India

Among the many historic monuments in Rajasthan that now claims status as maifestations of luxury heritage sites is also the Kherjala Fort in the Blue City of India. Once again a monument that remains resplendent in the richness of the red sandstone construction, the Kherjala Fort offers an exclusive experience of the royalty of the times gone by. While the fort retains its old world look on the outside, the interiors are quite lavish to cater to your every luxury needs. It’s just the perfect mix of the royal grandeur and the contemporary aesthetics that beckons you into an experience worth a lifetime inside the fort.

Fort Chanwa

Jodhpur’s Fort Chanwa is reputed not only as one of the best heritage hotels in the Blue City of India but also for its architectural symmetry. As a palace guarding the legacy of the erstwhile era of the royals, this elegant red sandstone structure is a remarkable specimen of architecture. Ornated by carved lattice works and intricate jharokhas and rendered more enticing with its complex maze of courtyards and towers, the Fort Chanwa might be lesser explored but is definitely worth paying a visit to on your next Jodhpur trip.

The lakes

Kaylana Lake

Among the many lakes that besot the majestic aura of the Blue City of India is the man- made wonder, the Kaylana Lake. A bird watching paradise, the lake remains teeming with tourists all year round and is a prominent attraction in the city owing to its beauty specifically resplendent in the glory of the sunsets. Also a popular picnic and boating spot, this artificial lake is surely a sprawling vista of wonder.

Balsamand Lake

Another artificial lake that makes it matter as one among the places to visit in Jodhpur is the Balsamand lake. Famous for being the site where the luxury heritage hotel Balsamand Lake Palace stands, the lake is an enormous encompassment of verdancy and inspires royalty in its stunning pathways. Mesmerising and somewhat peaceful, a stroll along the lush garden dotting the lake is indeed the way to indulge your soul.

Ranisar Padamsar

The Blue City of India sure houses a lot more of the blues that nature would have allowed it. And the twin artificial lakes of Ranisar and Padmasar are testimony to the legacy of this title. These adjacent lakes that are nestled within the confines of the Mehrangarh Fort remains interconnected and striving despite its 500 year old legacy. Among the places to visit in Jodhpur, these double delights sure are a worthy feature.

Sardar Samand Lake

A perfect weekend getaway from the royal sophistication of Jodhpur is the Sardar Samand Lake that is every bit the enchanting haven of tranquility. Dotting with numerous migratory birds and myriad species of exotic animals, the Sardar Samand is your rare brush with the exquisite glory of nature within India’s Blue City. A namesake heritage palace also overlooks the lake from atop a cliff and is particularly mesmerising for its unique art deco style of architecture carved out of natural rock. For people seeking to explore every nook and corner of the extravagant luxury that Jodhpur has to offer, the Sardar Samand Lake is a must visit.

The step wells

Chand Baori

chand baori

One of the famous step wells of Jodhpur, the Chand Baori is well amongst one of the largest step wells in the world. The exquisite geometrical construction and overall captivating prettiness of the place has long established it as a prominent tourist attraction in the Blue City of India.

Toorji Ka Jhalra

A very well known place to visit while in Jodhpur is the Toorji ka Jhalra that while being an age old structure is still quite a bustling site. A celebrated spot specifically during the Gangaur festival, this stepwell is yet another encompassment of the architecture of the past rooted in the existence of the present.