8 Indian beaches that have been Blue Flag certified meaning your travel plans are sorted once the pandemic is over!

blue flag certified indian beaches

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that has thrown travel schedules out of gear, India is rejoicing in the exuberance of some happy news. Recently a total of eight beaches across the country became the proud receivers of the Blue Flag certification, a hallmark of beachesque prettiness and cleanliness that conforms to international standards. While this spells absolute frenzy for beach lovers on so many counts, the distinction is rendered all the more special since each of the eight beaches managed to get entry into the coveted list on their very first recommendation. With this, India also became the first country to get eight Blue Flag beaches all at once! Outlining below are each of these eight exquisite beaches that has brought good cheer in all their splendor and beauty-

Ghoghla Beach

A golden sand beach in Diu, the Ghoghla beach extends all the way to Gujarat in an assertion of its lengthy reputation. One of the most attractive tourist spots in Diu, the beach remains surprisingly clean and pristine that lets its natural beauty shine all the more through its luxurious golden glow. Located on the northern outskirts of the city not far from the Ghoghla village, the beach remains however a lesser known spot that perhaps explains its calm environs and clean presence.

Gentle waves continuously caress the long stretch of sand that is Ghoghla, even as it spans some few miles before merging into the sand dunes. Located along the coast of the Arabian Sea, this spectacular expanse of sand that lines some really shallow and clean waters is a haven of activities even in its less treaded premises. Water sports can be enjoyed aplenty here as less crowd on the beach makes it conducive to have long hours and uninterrupted sessions of fun all by yourself. Considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Diu, this well maintained stretch of sand nestles in a cove of pristinity, far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern life. A definite must visit when in Diu, the Ghoghla beach will take you aback with also the many stunning views it leads you on to.

Shivrajpur Beach

A hidden beach in Gujarat, not as famous as the many other lining this state in western India is the Shivrajpur beach. Located some 12 kilometers away from temple town Dwarka on the Dwarka- Okha highway, the long pristine beach stretches near its namesake village and features a prominent rocky shoreline. Lying in close proximity to the famous Rukmani temple, the Shivrajpur beach is a profusion of beauty in its natural allure. In its crystal clear waters and pristine white sands, this really picturesque beach however had been long ambiguous to the outside world until the Gujarat government stepped up efforts to conserve and promote it.

Even with the Blue Flag certification that comes on the back of tremendous cleaning effort directed to make Shivrajpur a world class beach, there aren’t too many urban centers flourishing nearby which means that a day out in this scenic location would be an unadulterated experience with natural glory. A perfect spot to while away your time in serenity, with possible occasional sighting of a dolphin, even as a faraway lighthouse adds a different charm to its beauty, the Shivrajpur beach is an unexplored wonder. In its many amazing views and calm environs, this lesser exploited beach definitely will wash away all your worries in the many waves that hit its gorgeous premises.

Kasarkod Beach (Eco Beach)

Another clean beach that has made it to the Blue Flag list is the Kasarkod beach of Karnataka. More popular as Eco Beach, this stretch of red sand along the Konkan coast is one of the virgin beaches where you can chill and relax. A popular picnic spot that which also buzzes with the eco tourism vibe, the beach sits pretty in the wonderful small town of Honnavar and also has an old lighthouse in the vicinity further alleviating its charm. A forest of casuarinas guards this 5km long beach making it all the more a wonder in natural abundance. With also a park in tow, in fact one from where the beach originated, the Kasarkod beach is truly an amalgamation of all the splendid riches of nature in one place.

Padubidri Beach

Located near the Udupi district in Karnataka, Padubidri beach is an exquisitely beautiful shore dotted by lines of trees making it a true blue natural haven. Like all the other beaches in the list, Padubidri too is noted for its clean environs and stunning aesthetics, that which remains unmarred by too much of touristry escapades. A nice place to while away your time in, this is another of the coastal gems in the south Indian state and one that is resplendent in its quiet, quaint charm. Well maintained in its tiled pathways, the beach can even offer you the feel of a lounging experience in its sprawling expanse and neat aesthetics. With such views that can enthrall and lure even the fanciest of souls, it is no wonder that Padubidri has managed to attain the coveted Blue Flag certification in its surreal premises.

Kappad Beach

Kappad Beach
Source: Keralam

A historically significant beach that which remains resplendent also in an array of natural riches, Kerala’s Kappad beach enjoys a prominence exclusive to its own. Supposedly the halting ground of Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, whose exploring exploits would eventually lend the Malabar Coast a unique identity of its own, the Kappad beach is undoubtedly one of the must visit places in God’s own country. With also a corniche and a park, this beach in Kerala’s Kozhikode district is another serene expanse of shimmering sands and boundless blues.

Flanked by the famed breathtaking backwaters of Kerala, abundant fishing hamlets and verdant scenery, the Kappad beach is a resting place of natural profusion. With also fascinating formation of rocks on all its sides, this is a place of unparalleled beauty and sophistication. A 800 year old temple also lingers nearby, making this beach a wonder outside of its natural and historical pursuits. Not to mention the spice route that flourished through the Kappad, endowing it with a legacy that remains unmatched in the entirety of our country. Relaxing and calm even it remains steeped in a lot of relevance and tourist buzz, the Kappad each counts also as one of the best beaches in India. Even beyond its beauty, the beach is equally surreal an expanse of common sights- scrumptious food fares, adventurous water activities and frolicking vacationers that make it one of the absolute favorite destinations in Kerala.

Rushikonda Beach
(Andhra Pradesh)

rushikonda beach
Source: Travel Notes

One of the virgin beaches in south India, the Rushikonda beach is located in Vizag district of Andhra Pradesh. Among the most popular beaches along the east coast, the golden sands and clear waters of Rushikonda entice many a wanderlusting visitor into its expansive terrain even as the overall tranquility of the beach makes it all the more an experience in soulful indulgence. An ideal place for nature lovers as well as adventure junkies, Rushikonda beach provides ample opportunities to amble along its glorious sands or seek thrill in in its wide offering of water activities.

Golden Beach

In its very name, Odisha’s Golden beach makes known its glorious presence as one of the most charming beaches in India. Also popular as the Puri Beach, this stretch of fine golden sands isn’t just a tourist attraction owing to its inimitable natural beauty; it also is a sacred Hindu place. Dotting the shoreline of the Bay of Bengal, this most popular beach in eastern India hosts also the Puri Beach Festival every year. The fine golden sands and blue sea water make for a wonderful sight of serene exuberance, one that will sooth you to no ends even in the sweltering Puri heat.

Considered also one of India’s safest beaches, that which has been a prime criteria for it being certified a Blue Flag beach, the Puri beach is a happening hub of activities. Whether it be the teeming crowd or the amazing water adventure activities in tow, the plenty of shacks selling fresh sea snacks and of course the many famed sand sculptures that come to life on its majestic sands, a visit to the Golden Beach in Odisha is every inch an enriching, golden experience to cherish for eternity.

Radhanagar Beach
(Andaman & Nicobar Islands)

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are home to some of India’s most spectacular beaches and the one particular name that has attained the Blue Flag certification is its Radhanagar Beach. Tucked in the alluring Havelock Island, the soft white sands of Radhanagar beach offers a stark contrast to the turquoise blue waters it lies along, presenting a picture perfect sight of charming beauty. Popular also as Beach No. 7 and widely regarded as one of the best beaches in entire Asia, the Radhanagar beach is indeed a mesmerising tropical retreat. Lined with coconut trees and scattered with dainty huts, shacks and benches, the Radhanagar beach is every inch a beach lover’s heaven.

While in its beauty, the Radhanagar beach is at par with the internationally famed beaches of Bali or the Philippines, its cleanliness and eco friendly standards are no less than any world class beach. Words cannot describe the astounding majesty of what the Radhanagar beach conjures up a sight in all its otherworldy encapsulations. Anyway though, in its new Blue Flag certification, this beach is worth all the efforts of a sure shot visit!